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  • These are friends that I have online. I was wondering are these "friends" ignoring me. They don't talk to me like they use to. Also, does anyone see me making actual "real" genuine friends?
    My birthday is October 19, 1989. And my name is Chasity if that helps anyone.

  • I need the birth dates or a photo of these friends in order to pick up their vibes.

  • And you could be making real friends today if you just put yourself out in the world. Join a club, take up a new hobby, go to places you have never been to meet new people, do an interesting course and chat with your classmates, sit in the park and strike up a conversation, etc.

  • @thecaptain I'm not able to meet people outside of online due to having Lupus, Sjogrens Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I also don't own a car. I live with my mother who is my caretaker. I'm 29. I barely passed High School due to having a wreck in 2007 where I had a brain injury. Nonetheless I still passed. Went to college afterwards and was kicked out because I failed all of my classes from my memory loss.

    I don't remember these online friends birthdays. Can you use my birthday and just give me a general reading or are you able to read something from me? I have pics as well of me.

  • @soullurre I am so sorry to hear about your problems. Even without these issues it is difficult to meet people to whom you will have a connection. Loneliness to me is being at a club, venue etc surrounded by people you have nothing in common with except that you are at the same event hoping never to see them again as they are draining you of every ounce of energy you have.

  • Chastity, I feel you battle with powerful insecurity and self-doubt, as well as a tendency to give away, avoid, or sabotage your own power or abundance. You may especially do this with your mouth, since you are here to deal with issues of expression. Outwardly, you may appear peace loving and conventional, but underneath the surface - just waiting to appear at the first sign of conflict - is a great deal of independence and originality. You are a natural leader, with the important qualities of authority, sensitivity, and creativity that can help solve any problem. Depending on whether you are working your issues with power and authority in positive or negative ways, you will either apply power wisely and with authority or else use it to subjugate others. You may guide other people at school, home, or at work through your innately powerful mind and creative ideas. You would make a capable inventor, innovator and a leader in creative fields, such as business or fine arts. Whether as a business entrepreneur, an empire builder, a head of state or head of a small business, a preacher or a problem-solver, you can stand out in your field. However to do this, you must eventually get in touch with and express your feelings and sensitivities, overcome that self-doubt, and deal with issues related to repressed anger toward authority so that you can take on your own authority. Your independent, controlling nature (you can be overly solicitous and helpful at first, but if you overhelp, you can rebound into resentment) with its repressed or explosive power can make you hard to live and work with until you gain more maturity and become able to control yourself, rather than others, and direct your considerable energy to creative contributions that uplift and empower those around you, helping others find their own source of energy and inspiration. The more energy and service you put into the world, the more abundance will come back.

    The moment your status quo is threatened or conflict arises, your inner toughness and independence as well as your explosive temper can surprise and shock even those who know you well. Indeed it is during difficult times that you tend to stand out, revealing your strength of character and both the best and the worst of yourself. Deep down, you are a battler and you just need a conflict, handicap or a struggle to expose your crusading spirit. Once this is exposed, other people learn never to underestimate you again. Fortunately, your usual chosen weapon isn’t intimidation, but persuasion and logical presentation of your ideas; but if you are pushed into a corner, you have it within you to lash out with wounding words and actions. Until your mid thirties, you will be presented with opportunities for emotional growth, change and transformation. These are your important character-building years where learning to control your temper and injecting enthusiasm into your life without conflict as a stimulus will be invaluable to your psychological growth. As you head toward forty, there will be another turning point where you become more adventurous, possibly desiring to travel or seek more education. Once again if you can learn to control your rebellious tendencies and direct your enormous vigour, optimism and courage toward a worthy cause, you have the potential to discover, shed light on and reverse injustices and, by so doing, bring the world closer to its natural peace-loving state.

    When you fall in love, your passionate personality can shine through, delighting your partner with stimulating conversation and amazing lovemaking. Intimacy is very good for you, but you do have a tendency to run hot and cold in relationships, and need to curb an extravagant or jealous streak. When feeling insecure, you may seek out one or more friends or lovers to give you a better sense of yourself. You have paradoxical energy in that you need a strong person to lean on and yet you tend to try to control everybody in your world. You must allow other people to sometimes take the lead. Issues of power and control, as well as insecurity, can affect your personal life and you may either give away your power or abuse it, preferring either to be overpowered or to be in charge. Your personal relationships serve as a mirror to help you understand and balance your life. What you really want is to be is in love and loved: to be adored, and share 'centre stage' with someone who returns your passion. To reach this goal, you must learn to go with the flow - to tell the Universe what you want and let life (with its perfect timing) bring others who will recognise and adore you. Learn to receive love naturally - to be alert to the window of opportunity and respond to those who come into your life to love you. Spending time with like-minded people, openly expressing your unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, attracts lovers who can also be friends and give you the support you need. When you focus on enacting your altruistic dreams, life will send you special people to charge your dreams with romantic energy.

    Your Achilles' Heel is your need for others' approval ("My survival depends on others giving me approval") and thinking that if you have others' approval then your life is on the right track. But other people can never give you enough approval to make you feel satisfied or feel free to be yourself. The approval of others is actually a false barometer for you. You must risk disapproval and be true to your own unorthodox ideas in order to develop the deeper and more satisfying feeling of self-approval. The trap you fall into is a never-ending search for risk taking - especially in romance ("If I can just have a happy love life, then I will feel complete and can begin to do my part to help the planet.") However, if you don't balance this romantic energy with a daily commitment to some type of humanitarian cause or service to others, it becomes too intense and you inadvertently destroy the very relationship you want so badly. You can never feel free to dedicate yourself to humanitarian causes unless you can forget your personal desires. When you add your considerable talents to making universal causes successful, your efforts are energising and rewarding for everyone concerned. The irony is that when you dedicate yourself to a larger cause, you find the Universe will fulfil you on the personal level as well.

    2019 will be a year of big changes and opportunities for you, so try to be open to and ready for anything!

  • @thecaptain Wow, you read my like a book. I definitely agree with all of that especially the powerful insecurity. It basically started happening after I had kids and was diagnosed with my illnesses. I had to have all of my teeth pulled because of sjogrens and I'm currently toothless. Plus I gained a ton of weight from my meds that I have to take. So I don't feel attractive at all. I'm set into this masculine energy and at times don't like being a female.

    I also wish I could restart life. Being in pain every day all day is tiring. I don't have the motivation to do stuff. I feel like I am completely drained of life force. I feel like people are scared of me because of my energy. Whenever I do go out in public people tell me I look sad/sick. Then I just have this nagging thing where I don't care about stuff. Like emotionless/tired/just done with it all.

  • @jayann Thanks. Don't be sorry. Life just threw me off a cliff trying to see if I'll catch myself before I hit the ground. Being around people is definitely draining. Long time ago in my teen years I use to suck the energy out of people (they told me). Now, it's annoying. With people online they can't really drain you unless you constantly be social with them. Once I'm tired of someone I isolate myself for months. I have had some High School friends find me on the internet and tell me they wanna meet up and see me but I either lie or ignore them.

  • @soullurre your physical health first.

  • @soullurre, you are the only one who can find your motivation and will to live well.

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