Tarot Nick Request

  • Hi Tarot Nick! I see you are back. You gave me a reading about two years ago, and were very accurate. In any case, I have a question about my love life. I’m interested in two guys-one of which I don’t presently have contact with. His initials are GC and the other crush I do see regularly and his initials are DW. Do you foresee anything-if not with these individuals maybe with someone else??

    Thank you!

  • Hi nicky643,

    This reading is geared off your feelings only,

    Think of what you want because you are a thinker and will come to a decision slowly and with consideration.
    There are friendships and new opportunities... a feeling of a smile...
    Watch your feelings, don't make it just about you... a choice brings sadness.
    A shift in the reading... something about a project that you are not putting everything into the effort or that the something is not sound to start with.
    You have a skill that you are using, you trust what you do.
    You are expecting an outcome...but it is delayed.
    You will have a feeling of completion.
    You will use your incite and intuition to make it happen.
    You will be able to have a small smile...a sense of completion.
    A shift back to the other question... You are not sure what you want so you will keep going back and forth trying to figure it out, but expecting more and not feeling satisfied.
    Be kind and not proud and forgiving... This backs up the Third sentence.

    Hope that helps,

  • Thank you Tarot Nick!