Cancer Men when they dont like you???

  • Weird question, but how do Cancer men act when they don't like or or are not interested in you?

    Will they stop all contact with you and disapear? Or do they still hang around and contact you every now and then.

    I know that they can send mixed signals when they do like you, but is this the same when they really don't like you or are not interested. Or do you just never hear from them again.

  • I would imagine they disappear or not contacting or not answering your message. but if you meet them in person they won;t have a chance to 'escape' I guess. I only know a few and it wasn't anything romantic. There was a bit of fight a few times and they just didn't respond. when they did, they snapped, which of course I snapped back. lol I was such a bad girl I guess in my 20s. Anyway, that's all I know about them. hope it helps.

  • I think a Cancer man would be most likely to waver, and be reluctant to give up contact with you completely - unless or until they decide on someone else! I mean, why should he give up on you when he doesn't have something better (yet)? Cancers want security. Better to have a possible relationship than go out in the cold hard world with nothing in his back pocket. Be forewarned - that doesn't mean he's willing to settle if he isn't sure. If a Cancer man decides you're the one, he'll find a way to let you know! If he doesn't, feel free to move on and be HIS friend while you keep looking. Good luck to you!

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  • This is so weird. I was married to a cancer for 20 yrs and was together for 22. He died 3 yrs ago and since then I've been trying to find someone else to be in my life. I have been with a few other men but nothing ever clicked with us. Just a month ago I met a guy from a dating site and OMG he totally rocked my world. I felt such a connection that it was so unreal. We spent the weekend together and I had so much fun. So he leaves on a Sunday morning to go work out of state but said he would be going back and forth between the two states doing jobs. I texted him later to see if he had got there yet and he finally texted back and said yes he just got there and was having a beer. Okay I texted back and nothing. Never heard from him until a week later saying hope everything is going okay and that the service where he is at is sketchy. I have not heard from him since. I knew he was a cancer before I met him so I figured I might have a good chance with him. It's driving me crazy to not hear from him but I guess I didn't impress him as much as he acted like I did!!!! In the meantime I am trying to meet other guys. So far no one has caught my eye the way he did........

    Oh well s**t happens I guess.

  • Funny you should ask that I ask the same question on aonther topic recently and a cancer by the name of keldjoran responded i hope you find his advice helpful as I have:

    It can be difficult to figure out if a cancer guy has lost interest, like hermit said, we don't like to hurt people's feelings so we might not tell you. For instance, there was this guy (I'm bi by the way, typical cancer so indecisive :-p) that I hung out with a few times, I really wasn't all that interested in him and he pursued me, I didn't have the heart to tell him to go away, he would say things like "When are we going to hang?" etc etc and I would always go "soon, we'll hang soon" So I think the big factor in determining if he's interested is if he talks to you even when you don't initiate conversation, I never even bother starting a convo with someone if I'm not interested

  • Sometimes I think the Cancer I know purposely does things to make himself seem uninterested so I will give him attention... I know exactly what he's doing. Besides,I already told him I was, but he doesn't seem to understand or wants to hear it all of the time.

    Cancer men are game players due to their insecurities... If I ever meet one again I'll be sure to run as fast as I can in the other direction. Why can't they just be straight up?

    Ugh... So Frustrating!

  • I kind of just responded to put this back on the main page in hopes that we could get some imput from our resident cancers.

    Cancer friends please tell us what to look for when it's OVER. DONE, FINISHED, KAPUT. NOT INTERESTED. TURNED OFF ya know. I really would like to know.

  • What about leos born near cancer(July 24-July 31)? I liked someone who was a leo cancer and man he came with too much stuff. I always felt that he was testing me. I haven't heard from him so I guess he doesn't want me. However, everytime I am ready to move on emotionally, he contacts me. Weird. How does cancer influence leo cusps?

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