Will I find a new property to rent in 2019

  • My present flat no longer works. The flat has health and safety. Will I find my forever home?

  • Only if you work very hard for it and make finding a new home your top focus and priority for the year...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • If you intend to be in an exceedingly location for quite five years, shopping for as against rental is reasonable, particularly if housing costs rise quicker than interest rates Your equity ought to star

  • Next year will be the likely time for you to expand out into a new location. For now, do the hard work of researching a new home.

  • @jayann
    did not find a new property

  • @jayann that is why I said 2020 was the optimum time. Did you do the research?

  • @thecaptain
    Yes I did research
    Begged for help
    got some money and went shopping for thing I needed and wanted.
    I put a 6 on the back of my front door.

  • Jayann when you put something on your door, do you mean you added a number to make your address a 6?

    My feeling is you are looking for a home too close to your current comfort zone and need to extend your search to include outer suburbs.

  • @thecaptain looking at your astrology for 2020, Jayann, the strongest emphasis this year will be on you. You will be personally more independent, self-willed and self-motivated. And though you will be enjoying all the pleasures of the senses, you are not likely to gain too much weight. It looks like you may binge, then diet, binge, then diet – and so forth and so on. A great year for getting the body and image in shape. The good news is that you are coming into a prosperity period. This will get even stronger as the year progresses. So your earnings will be increasing. This will be the case all year, but early in the year, your earnings come more easily than later in the year. Late in the year, there’s more work involved – but prosperity will still be happening. But the year ahead is not just about increased earnings. The quality of the earnings will be much improved too. Your financial future shows ‘happy money’ – money that is earned in happy, enjoyable ways. Money will also be spent on happy things – on leisure and fun activities. You’ll be enjoying your wealth more. You are not usually a big speculator. So while you might indulge in a little bit of speculation, you’re not likely to go overboard. Areas that are likely to be lucky for you financially are the entertainment and music industries. Also companies that cater to the youth market. Utilities and power companies are also interesting – especially those that are involved in technology. Of late, your earnings have been erratic, especially over the past seven years. But now they will become less volatile, much more stable than they have been. Lucky periods will include March 23 to July 1 – a brief flirtation with wealth – and then again, for the long term, on December 18. You will adopt the image of a money person and people will see you that way. You’ll be taking more personal control over your finances – not delegating things to others. On December 20, good luck will move into your money house and will be there through most of 2021. This is a classic signal for prosperity. Yet this is not an especially strong career year. So you are preparing for career success later on. It is a much stronger financial year than a career year. This is a year for building the psychological infrastructure, carrying out the behind-the-scenes activity, so necessary for career success. Even so, your business and management ability will be at all-time high as the year closes. Next year promises to be incredible, career-wise.

    Neither will love s be prominent this year.. There may be shakeups or breakups but the good news is that good relationships – those that are fundamentally sound – will survive. It is the flawed ones that are likely to dissolve.

    Home and family should be calm until June 28, then crises and upheavals may disrupt the peace. There can bring conflicts with a parent or parent figure – you will have to work harder on your relationship. This parent figure will be having some emotionally rough times. But other family members (or those who play that role in your life) will also seem more passionate, angry perhaps. They will seem easily ‘triggered’ to anger. So, you will have to work harder on your relationship with them too.

    Healthwise, you will tend to be disease resistant. Sure, there will be periods in the year where your health and energy are less easy than usual. These will be only temporary, however, and your normal health and energy will quickly return. Good though your health will be, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following –
    The spine, knees, teeth, skin and overall skeletal alignment are always important areas for you. Regular back and knee massage should be part of your regular health regime. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath would also be a good idea. It is very important to keep the vertebrae in right alignment. Good posture is more important for you than for others, and so therapies such as Alexander Technique, yoga and Pilates would be benefiical. All of these help the posture. Therapies such as Rolfing or Feldenkrais are also good for the spine. Good dental hygiene is always important, and you should give the knees more support when exercising.
    The lungs, arms, shoulders and respiratory system. These also are always important for you. Arms and shoulders should be regularly massaged. Tension tends to collect in your shoulders and needs to be released.

    From November 30 , you’ll be making important changes to your health regime. There could be a health scare, but since your health area seems good this year, it is not likely to be more than that.

  • @thecaptain
    Sorry I have just seen you reply
    Yes as you suggested I added 6 to my address number
    I was looking to move out the town I am currently living in and move closer to a friend but in a village. This has not worked out.

  • @thecaptain
    bookmarked to read later

  • Hello!
    When should you start looking for a house to rent?

  • @Jayann if something has not yet happened, then perhaps there is still something for you to learn or achieve where you are living. Ask spirit for a message.

  • @TheCaptain
    yes god hates me
    every time I thank him for a product I find very useful and I see helping me in my daily life as I get sicker and older the item gets thrown away by someone and i am blamed and my life becomes very difficult.

  • Jayann, my cards indicate you may be spreading your energy too thin and not focusing on achieving one thing at a time until you get it. Don't give up before it happens and try to put all your time and energy into achieving what you most want first, then proceed to the second goal. Do not try to do everything at once. Now what is your priority goal - health, a new home, more money or what?

  • and I like my house. And I didn't want to change him

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