Food for your soul this Winter Solstice...

  • According to this article by Sabra Ricci, some believe the Winter Solstice to be the "dark night of the soul." On this longest night, the ancients thought the veil between the worlds was the thinnest. If the night was spent in meditation and reflection, one could gain insight to their past, present and future. This tradition and philosophy is still practiced by many cultures throughout the world.

    Capricorn rules the bones and the entire skeletal system. The foods chosen for the Sun's reign in Capricorn help strengthen and protect bones from calcium loss in all zodiac signs, but especially Goats. Any sign will benefit from eating the chosen foods, and can delight in including these scrumptious foods in any celebration during this emphasis on Capricorn and Saturn.

    To learn which foods are best for the Winter Solstice, read this article here!

    One of the foods mentioned in beef, which is so true for my family! My dad likes to slow cook his famous roast beef in a crock pot, so the smell goes all over the house. He often starts it the night before, so everyone wakes up to the smell of roast beef. It's incredibly delicious and the smell of it immediately reminds me of Winter dinners with my family.

    What's your favorite Winter meal?!

  • Collard Green Soup -

    Roast Beef
    **Aloo Bodi Tami ** -
    Roast butternut squash

    Crêpes with Satsuma & orange butter sauce

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