Courtship or dating for my friend

  • my friend's date of birth is 20/10/1971, and we wanted to know if there will be wedding bells in 2019.
    I am trying to get the other half DOB.
    other date of birth 04/04/78
    are they compatible

  • There very well could be wedding bells for your friend in 2019. It is the perfect time for it - and her!

  • @TheCaptain wow ty I will get my dancing shoes ready.

  • Though comparing their birthdates, marriage might not work out well for this pair in the end.

    Dominating others and each other will be an ever-present theme in this relationship. Both these people tell it as they see it, leaving little room for niceties, an approach that can easily border on coercion in their relationship with each other. Your friend's partner can expect some difficulty with their spouse: like a child suddenly and ruthlessly exposed to the adult world, they will be practically defenseless against your controlling and critical friend’s searching mind and emotional power. To put it simply, if your friend is pleased, things will go well; if not, then her spouse can expect endless frustration in trying to serve or please this dominant 'mistress' who cannot or will not be satisfied. In many ways. This dissatisfaction is like a 'sword of Damocles' that your friend may dangle precariously over her spouse’s head. So marriage may be problematic for these two, as they have very different approaches to life, and both may seek to impose their own way on the relationship. Your friend's partner will proceed more by intuition than by book learning, and will often want to translate their ideas into immediate action; your friend, on the other hand, likes to have time to mull things over, and may see her spouse as rash and impetuous, and their judgment as naive and untutored. If she continues to treat her spouse like a child, the marriage may quickly falter. If the marriage is to be successful, this pair must strive for greater equality since power struggles can be very energy-depleting. They must make a greater effort to share their ideas and feelings and above all, cultivate patience.

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