The Devil in him Im afraid.

  • I met a wonderful, sensitive, smart man with, I believe, the same values I have. Plus I thought he was really nice looking also. I got to see him on a trip to California. That was the first time I saw this man in person--but had talked many times to him on the phone. He has a great voice. I wanted to be with him ,but he said he was married---so that ended that---but I never forgot about him and dreamed about him, and dreamed about being together with him. I felt we were to be togehter for some reason and I even told him that "he was going to miss me"!! I believe i am in love with this man. He also had children which was a plus as I never got to have any myself. I hope i would be a good mother--but I am tough and the stuff kids get into today scares me. You want your kids to be good people and fly right!! I know and feel he is kind, sensitive, can be very loving. He seemed to be a professional person at the time but I believe he may have fallen from grace and now may have a lower position--due to some unfair happening or family issue or perhaps he didn't learn his lesson--or had one to learn still in this lifetime period. At any rate , I am not sure who I have now, as I have heard other names, etc . If the person I love fell from grace--I am willing to help him lift himself up-wether financially, and I have proven that already, or spirtually etc because I know this man is a smart, sensitive man --with integrety and deserves some help to get back up--as he will provide services that the people of this earth need. We are in pretty bad shape lately!! I want him to get back to his usual self--the man I know and love and met and dreamed of being with--a wonderful confident, sensitive man. I think he will be a great leader--(he has a large ego tho-as alpha males do) -and he can get quite upset and demanding making alot of noise. He is also more controlling than I would like but that may be out of love or concern I hope. He thinks I am crabby--but he is making me stupid and crabby. Scorpios are very loving people--and we also have our dark sides. I can have a bad temper--I hold stuff in--then blow-which isn't the best--and men don't like to hear women raise their voices--but it seems OK for them to do that and get "Testy". This person can be as sharped tongued as I am--so we need to work on that. I can be too blunt at times--and I don't mean to harm anyone. If I want to harm anyone-they"ll know.

    At any rate, I am willing to wait for this person to become available, I am not interested in anyone else. I have always been very independant --have not been married-am used to being alone--but i want someone in my life now. I have had relationships with other people--but they didn't work out. I almost got married one time--but the family (his family) helped to ruin the relationship---they were a close nit family and I was robbing them of their baby-(he was 5 years younger than I) and I would try to have us leave the family outings to do something else--or not go to family gatherings at all--so we could enjoy some other activity--and they parents didn't like that--the family made me feel like I was bad and started to treat me badly. I couldn't marry into that. I also need to be able to interact with others--I will not give up my relationships with others--althiough I do not have a very active social life now. I plan to get more involved later in some things and I know I will meet some great folks. Too much togetherness is too much. I can allow a partner to go out with the gang--and I wil be allowed the same. If he touches anyone--I"d have to "break his face" and leave the relationship. I also don't want a person that is bi-sexual.

    I know the man I want and I hope he is around and I will wait - if he asks -because I can wait. I am working and am self supporting and I like to be self supporting also--but I know some men feel that this is "their duty" which I think is a very unfair burden --alot of pressure. Men are not superhuman. I am not super human-and I don't know of anyone that is. I like men that have feelings and can show them and men that like women and men that love their children. Isn't what life is all about--a happy family, happy community! I want that --because my present family doesn't provide that for me. They can't live on their own--(although they may be able to now) and they constantly look at what you have--and if someone dies--they ask"where is it"!! Even if the next of kin is alive--(like grandpa died but the son was alive--they still ask "where is it" When my sister was ill--and right before she died--(the family was not sure if she was going to make it) when my other sister found out she was probably going to die she said--Yipee--we are gonna be rich!!--before my sister really died--SIck , sick sick -gimme , gimmee-for shame on her couldn't believe!! They were supposed to be sooo close!!!

    So I need to know if I got the right person--I think so--but even if I have the wrong info--and the story has changed--I know the man I met will rise up again--and I will help--as he is a good man--and I like that and he better stay like that. I believe he would not ever harm me and would never put me in harms way. If he needs to accomplish something(s) so we can be together--I will wait--I am a positive person and I will try to lift him up--as long as he doesn't beat me up for it. I hope we can do good things together--I like to help people as life can be a challenge and everyone needs to be as helplful as they can be--(doing the right thing) .

    What do you suggest I do????

    The man has not totally come forward--and maybe can't come forward at this time--but I need to know the real name-and I will not tolerate total evil and I will always be looking for the light of good. I want a real relationship with the good person I met with and spoke with and if that is not going to be the case-ever--then I don't think I can go there. I also won't tolerate a partner-boyfriend having sexual relationship with others. I don't like to share--nor do I wish to cheat on potential partners. I am not a dreamer thinking that this relationship dating process will definately result in a marital union--but I will know if I am being used for sexual purposes-- I will be able to feel that . This man already knows what I feel ---and he is testing me. He is sensitive enough to pick up on me--as I am on him. I ain't playin here. This person will keep me safe--and put me in a safe place.

    Awaiting comments and suggestions.

  • Hi, Are you kidding. He's married, you are going to pick him up, dust him off, re-create him work on your and his anger etc. My advice is to find someone who is not married. But first you need to get your affairs in order. If you don't want someone that cheats then don't cheat. You are already planting the seed, so to speak. You have already professed your plan. I hope that you don't act on it--that's my advice.

  • I would steer far away from you if I met you in real person. You have problems in respecting people. You have problems respecting a mans children and a mans wife. You should respect this woman and these children without ever meeting them even. You should stay far far far away from men who have children and allready are in relationships. I wouldnt want to have you as a friend, sister, co-worker or even in my life. You are stupid because you are too much into lust and anger. We are supposed to be human beings and control those feelings. Have you not seen that in the Bible God commands us human beings to be lord over the animals. That means that we must not let animal feelings control us. You are behaving silly. If this man you are "in love" with are a bit scary sometimes, then believe me, baby, it is you who have that impact on him. Or at least those are the emotions that you attract in other people, and those are the people you attract.

  • the person I am speaking of contacted me(I thought about him) but when contacted I asked if there was an attachment --because i didn't care to get into it if this person was still trying to work things out with a mate. I was advised that his marital relationship was ending-so I continued to talk to the person. Sorry that wasn't mentioned. And I am not seeing anyone myself (in a relationship) for a long time. I was in a relationship where the person lied and said their marriage was over and they were getting a divorce as soon as the children were pretty well settled--and this was a constant excuse. i just got madder, wanted to do a few things so the wife would know(I believe she knows) and she cheated on this man-her husband-but

    eventually it was like going thru a divorce---I just no longer cared as he treated me badly--and I deserve better. I have no love for this person--and he is really upset now--like stalking me--but that is his problem. He coulldn't commit-his problen and I do feel badly i believed him. Such a dummy. But you learn this way. He is a decent person tho-he cares about his children,animals, works hard for the public good etc--so wife is not providing him with something I could provide--and it wasn't just a romp in the Hay. He said his wife is very abusive with him--and the kids and needed to stay to protect kids from wife--She swings pretty hard, rakes/scratches arms in fights, picks up knives etc.and has anger management issue like her younger son-who has finally overcome and more and matured So I believed the reason for delay. Shouldn't have believed all--he should have gotten away and taken kids out--but didn't. I am not God -we all make mistakes. It's over and he is suffering. He didn't fix his problem.

  • Well, I still think he is with you just for the sex and attention. You talk too much in long unfinished sentences, then you talk about something entirely different as if we are having a girlfriend-conversation with no point. You should learn how to explain things without all the rattling around about other different kinds of problems that you have. You are like a magnet of problems. Please stop thinking so much and learn how to relax your mind. and

    Rest your mind and stop attracting problems.

    And stop thinking about this married man whom is with a bad girl. You are not good for him either. He is going from bad to bad. Move away from him.

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