How would you Interpret this Three Card Spread

  • Hi all,

    I am learning to read the tarot and I need some feedback.

    Question - How can I be of service?

    1 card - 5 of Pentacles
    2 card - Queen of Swords
    3 card - The chariot

    My interpretation is: I can be of service through some form of communication, writing or teaching. I need to have faith in my abilities and have the determination that I can succeed.

    Thank you

  • Dear nuwav,
    Thank you for your sharing. I would say your reading is pretty much everything I can perceive. I would like to add some more points for your interpretation:

    1. 5 of pentacles depict a couple walking in snow while (seemingly) ignoring the church they are passing by. Together with the queen of swords, which can mean someone with clear communication, I would suspect you may be of service for those who are in need of problems (The poor people seem to walk towards the queen). You may work as a consultant of some sort and provide your professional opinion to them based on your own expertise.
    2. Both queen of swords and chariot represent some senses of self-control: The former controls her emotion, while the latter promotes self-discipline. Apart from what you said, I think the career you are suitable for requires you to put everything aside, and only consider facts and efficiency. The fact that the queen seems to defend the charioteer reminds me that she does not let pride interfere her judgement. Instead, she is a calm and careful expert. Logic is the most important thing in your service.

    I hope my little supplementary info can help you (in anyway). Wish you have a prosperous future!

  • @black-hatter-w

    Thank you so much for your response. I was thinking of doing some form of consulting, but not sure what yet.

    I never looked at the queen of swords and the chariot representing some sense of self-control......interesting!

    I have some things to ponder on.