third time lucky

  • At the end of October I once again started feeling my ex boyfriend.
    I miss him and wonder why this was happening. Also can you tell me if we would get back together over the Christmas or in the New Year?
    I always thought he was special. So special, that I went out with him again when he broke my heart. The second break up was so painful I could not give us another try but thought of it.
    My birthday is 18/01/1958 and his birth date is 04/11/1956. Can you help please?

  • Together this makes for a good friendship but not a love affair. The two of you have great times together, as long as emotional flare-ups between you don’t sabotage all your efforts and leave the relationship in a smoking ruin. This fiery relationship can bring out creativity and positive energy, but it is also capable of raging out of control and causing great destruction. A love relationship between you can be especially volatile. You two might love each other deeply, but still have trouble maintaining consistency and stability in your daily life together. This man can have a way of triggering your anger and setting off explosions of feeling, which can lead to unhappiness and bitterness. The two of you may well be able to kiss and make up; in fact, you will do so often. But while he might be able to forgive what has happened, he will never really forget it and will be much more on his guard against you in the future.

    Marriage here would certainly have its ups and downs. You two can develop a record of past disappointments. Having fewer expectations, trying to limit ideas and pursue only the workable ones, and muting over-optimism would help the relationship to be more realistic and perhaps more successful. But in the end, love here will be more difficult and frustrating than successful and happy.

  • @thecaptain thank you very much. not hat I wanted to hear but things are different now because of my ill health. Marriage in the convential sense would not work as I need freedom to deal with my health. But i need him for stimulation and miss him very much. We went out, I fell in love, the he broke it off. Years later we went out he broke it off I was hurt again. i am happiest when we are telepathic talking.
    This is a good reading as it reflects what happened in the past, a hot and spicy love affair. My question to myself the second time around wass "what am I getting out of the relationship", if the answer was positive I stayed.
    Thank you Captain for paragraph two as it has good advice and pointers. I hope to have more then a 30/70 say in relationship.. More than friends with benefits but less than marriage.

  • @jayann you do not need anyone else to provide you with stimulation. You can stimulate yourself through an interest in something. As long as you depend on other people for your happiness, you will always be leaning on someone else. And many people don;t like to be continually leaned on. You must learn to both take and give.

  • @thecaptain ty Captain, Before I became ill I created a life for myself where I did things by myself. I got good at it so most so that people think I am a loner. Unfortunately there are things I wanted to do but you need a partner to do them. Now I am ill so everything has to be planned in detail. I am always looking for stimuating people by this I mean people who I feel a connection to and have the ability to keep my interest in what they are saying. Without this simulation I am lonely even if surrounded by a 1000 people. Also I do not like repetition in my life. Simulation is what I find sexually attractive. If I am not simulated then I have no interest therefore it is better to be alone.

  • @jayann yes you tend to bore easily and I do wonder if any one person could be simulating enough to keep you interested. perhaps a wide circle of friends would be better than just one partner?

  • @thecaptain ty this is what i have done but they are all female married with families. I also have hundreds of acquaintances who I know more about their lifes than they know of mine. These acquaintances end up wasting my resources when I go into town.

  • @jayann, then you need to make some new friends.

  • @jayann
    potential love relationship compatibility
    Jayann 16 days
    Mine - Potential other half
    Life path 6 - 9
    Expression 5 - 8
    Soul Urge 7 - 3
    Personal 7 - 5
    Birthday 9 - 4
    Relationship 1

    Ruling Colour Pale Pink over PP - Red over Orange

    What do you see?

    Thank you

  • @jayann today is the day I will know what the letter said. I will publish the outcome.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thecaptain
    If this the 04/11/1956 breaks it off will they return.

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