How do you feng shui your life?

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  • Jayann, you can kick start your life back on the right track by creating positive energy in your mind, heart, home and endeavours. Do things like -

    1. Begin your mornings with a set of rituals for a purpose-filled day. In a journal, write three intentions for your day. Make your bed to ensure an inviting space to come home to. Move your body with gentle stretches, yoga or a walk. Eat an unhurried healthy breakfast.

    2. Create a sacred space where you can meditate each day. For at least fifteen minutes, it’s essential to quiet your mental chatter. Focus on your breath or silently repeat a mantra like “Om” or “Peace.” At the end, it’s a good practice to ask for guidance in general and for specific situations you need help with. Then… listen with an open heart.

    3. Clear physical clutter in your space, especially from the floor. Clutter stops the flow of positive energy and keeps you stuck in the past. Think about it. Your clutter is your past and it’s distracting you from your successful future. Let go of any items you are keeping out of guilt, that you don’t like or deplete your energy. You should love everything in your space.

    4. Complete unfinished projects around the house. When you see projects that are “half-done” like pictures you haven’t hung, boxes you haven’t unpacked, a leaky faucet or a burned out light bulb, your energy becomes depleted. These incomplete projects block you from doing the things you love!

    5. Perform a space clearing with sandalwood incense or dried sage after an argument, a break-up, a death or when you want fresh energy to begin anew. Wave the incense in a counter-clockwise circle as you walk around your home. Say out loud “Thank you for disintegrating any negative energy, anger, sadness, relationship or financial problems from this space now.”

    6. Make a manifestation board. On a cork or poster board, place pictures and sayings that represent your dreams and goals. Write affirmations or intentional statements that clearly assert what you want to manifest. Hang this board in a special place where you can look at it every day.

    7. Bring nature indoors to boost energy, productivity and elevate your mood. Place thriving plants in the corners of your rooms to create harmony. For immediate uplift, open shades and pull back curtains to allow natural sunlight to bathe the room. You can add a table-top water fountain at the entrance of your home, which brings in prosperity energy.

    8. In general, arrange your furniture to welcome you into each room. It’s not inviting to see the back of a couch. Add vibrant colors in rugs, window treatments, pillows, candles and artwork to positively affect your mood. There is a Chinese proverb that says if you move twenty things in your home, you will change your luck.

    9. Keep good company and apply the idea of feng shui to your friends. If the people you are spending time with are draining your energy, you might want to reconsider how much time you want to spend with them. Move towards the people that lift you up.

    10. Follow a night time ritual to de-stress and sleep deeply. Dim the lights, get off the computer and turn off the television at least one hour prior to sleep. Take a warm sea salt bath to remove stressful energy from the day. Write three to five things you appreciated most in the last 24 hours. Say a nighttime prayer of thanks and you’ll be on your way to a new, energized you!

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