Reading for the festival holidays 2018

  • What might happen for 18/01/58 and 04/11/56 this year.

  • For 19/01/58, this person is transitioning from a 2018 year of hard work and effort where everything may have seemed to be in slow motion to a 2019 year of big sudden changes, expansion and opportunity so they will probably be feeling quite restless, impatient, (maybe even excited) around Christmas waiting for change to happen. This person bores easily and can get very bogged down by details, so the coming changes may be welcome, though surprising as long as they can keep their ego in check. Attention-seeking and sometimes immature behaviour can be used by them in an attempt to impress.

    For 04/11/56, this person is transitioning from a 2018 year of career and money matters when things seemed to go very well materially to a 2019 year of endings, getting rid of anything they don't need any longer and goodbyes to all that has burdened them or held them back in the past before moving onto a new chapter of life in 2020. They may be feeling exhausted and ready to let go of all that is not serving them. They can be provocative and controversial but that is because they need to be noticed and remembered (rather like person number 1). They should use their common sense and become more aware of the way their attitude toward life is affecting other people and, ultimately, themselves.

  • ty TheCaptain for your reply, I put the wrong date up but it still read like me. Are you sure we have not met. 2018 had been a bad year for me and yes sometimes I behave like a small child.
    Thanks for the heads up as I think I will be one of the binned in 2020 from 04/11/56 life.
    take care and ty again

  • @jayann then 2019 will be your year of hard work and effort, 'nose to the grindstone' sort of stuff where everything might seem to be in slow motion. or you take one step forward two steps back. You likely won't see much progress until the last 3 months of the year. But if you stay focused on your goals, you will succeed in achieving them. In 2019, you must learn to finish what you start. You must have self-discipline and be willing to do things you don’t particularly like doing because it will help you reach your goals. You are at heart optimistic, trusting and childlike in nature. Your imaginative and creative powers can lead you to extraordinary heights. You have a quick wit that can delight others, and your company and irreverent opinions will always be in demand. In fact, you can attract other people like a magnet. The only things that bring you down are authority, rules and regulations. You can become bored quickly, losing your concentration and retreating into a world of fantasy or a fit of temper if your needs aren’t being met or becoming restless and impatient if you feel too confined by responsibilities. You need to find an environment in which your need for freedom is respected. You also need to make sure that you find ways to express your more playful and friendly side, and your original sense of humour, as this will help you keep bitterness at bay. The way forward is for you not to deny your fantasies but to find ways to positively integrate your innovative ideas and extraordinary insights into your life.

  • @thecaptain Thank you for the information you have provided I have started to put the information about Fung Shui you provided into practice. I am going crazy with stress and anxiety as I am always thinking about my ex and I have no idea why. He dumped me and I was an emotional coward as I did not take up the opportunity to get back with him some years ago. Then he broke all contact with me. I was hoping 04/11/56 would be in my life again so I could be playful and child like again. I really miss him in my life and regret we were unable to make a go of it in the past but he really hurt me by his actions. According to someone, his family advised against getting together with me in the past. I would love another opportunity to have a relationship with him. Will our ages make a different to the outcome? I am no longer looking for marriage, cohabitation or anything like that. I worry that he is in a happy relationship. I have health problems which now rule my life.
    TheCaptain has anyone told you that you are brilliant.

  • @thecaptain
    I have just come across some information with regards to 04/11/1956 which says that there were a lot of changes in 2018 and 2019 with regards to business and money. Starting a new business in 2019.

    With regards to 18/0/1958 I know I can behave in an immature way but this is only with people who I trust.

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