What The Tarot cards mean to Me (Cups)

  • Saturday 13 Sep 08 at 18:44

    4 of wands.

    With the four of wands we are feeling more free in are life and we have a happy home to go to. We may be going to someone’s party or to a wedding or just out somewhere nice to sit around and do want we would like to do. We may be just visiting friends, family or going to see people we know from work. It may be that we come across a old friend and go someone nice with them or have some time in town with them.

  • Sat 13 Sep 08

    Ace of cups

    On the Ace of cups we can see some flowers on top of water and a blue sky. There is one hand holding a cup and a bird holding it in its month. There is water coming out of this cup and its going towards the water on the ground area.

    The water in the picture is showing me feelings within a man or woman like the love we show for other people. If we are not in love it can show us something is about to start up in the love area. You may find you are now getting to know someone more and you start to love them. But it may be that you try something new and find a new friend come into your life. You may need to let go of some deep feeling for someone or to let the old things about someone go as you are able to start again. It may be that you are becoming negativity and need to get rid of this negativity in your life. But if you are trying to find love and you do have someone then you can open yourself to love or to others to make things better.

  • Sunday 14 September 2008

    2 cup Cups

    The Cups are the suit of emotions within us all, things like are changing moods that we have as well as relationships we build or the love we give to others. We need the water to fill up spaces to reflect are changing moods to good and bad.

    On this card with have a woman on the left side of the card and a man on the right side of the card. The woman is wearing a white dress with some blue going down the front and back of her dress to cover her back and front. The sides of the dress are white. The lady has black hair and some green leave crown on her head. The man is a white shirt with a green thing over the top of it. He is also wearing like any scotchmen wear is like the woman’s skirt and green boots. Both the man and woman are standing on what looks a yellow path and ahead of that is a house, lots of trees and hills. Above the man and woman in the centre of the card is a lions face with two wings each side.

    This card shows a connection of two people joining or in celebratory for or in friendship, married or the joining of two businesses. There may be a joining together of people in the helping of others or the forgiving and forgetting of things that have gone wrong. But there is always people that like to help others out at fates, schools, colleges and work. There are also the police, fire and ambulance services that join all the time to help us when things do go wrong.

    So to me its saying we must try to make a new friends, businesses and try to help the ones we can. We may have to forget or to forgot any errors we make and move up. We must look at someone in the right way in order to marry him or her and love them for what they are. We may need to learn to share things with this new person and to allow them there room to allow them time to be themselves.

  • Sunday 14 September 2008


    Monday 15 September 2008

    Three of cups

    The three of cups has to be one of the best cards within the tarot. It shows on it three women that are happy and each has a cup in the air. One of the women is wearing a white dress, one is wearing a dark red dress and the last one is wearing a gold dress. Theses women are very happy as they are in high spirits at a party or just feeling that they have done very good for themselves. There may be enjoying a new friendship or getting together with a new goal in there life. But it could be there have done something as a team and are happy that they have a winner on there hands. But they may help people which makes others happy to know that there help has made them happy and they show them that by giving money to the WRVS or the RNLI or some other set of people that help others.

  • Monday 15 Sep 08


    Tuesday 16 Sep 08

    Four of Cups

    There are some trees below this hill where a man in a red shirt with something green is coving it with gray trousers and some black boots or shoes. This man has his arms and legs cross and he is sitting with his back on a tree. There are three cups in front of him on the grass and one is being offer to him by a hand that is coming though a cloud.

    This man is not aware of others or aware that someone is offing him the last cup to make it four cups. He only thinks of what he likes and that can be many things. He is not thinking of others when he should be. He has lost interest in life, work or having fun. He may be a man that is not happy but if he looks the cup is the offering him a job to become happy. Or if you are in a job that you are not happy in then it may mean that there is a offer of a better one and you are not listening to the person that is making you the offer. Maybe you could be unhappy with a old or new friend and you just don’t what to listen to them. Maybe you need to listen to the kids or a wife you may have.

    What ever it is you are not going to go and get better if you don’t listen to others and work out what is wrong. We may not sometimes like what we hear but you then know what is going wrong and can take action to work on it. So if a person had BO and it is you but you don’t listen to the boss he may well let you go. But if you listen you can then show you enjoy talking, listening and putting wrong things to a good out come. Or if you learn to drive then by asking questions to the person doing the teaching will help you to understand.

    So don’t think of yourself all the time try to think of others.

  • Monday 15 September 2008


    Wednesday 17 September 2008

    Five of cups

    We see the clouds and gray and white and there is a castle on the land just to the right. We have the sand and a area that has some water going along a line. There is a man that is looking at the ground as he is not happy. He has had a setback in his life and he will not let go of what it is. He may of lost a job and does not want to know. It may be that someone has taken some of his possessions away. He could have had a break up with his girlfriend or wife. Or it may be that the man is unhappy as he is longing for a reunited with someone. He may be thinking the wrong way or he is disappointed with the events that have happen in life. He may want to turn back the clock and thinking to himself if only I could have done this and that.

    So if things don’t work out think of this card and think of it saying you may need to take the loss and you must use the other two cups to move on. We all make mistakes in life and we all by them as well as to make things go better next time. But we can move forward and we must move forward or we are not going to make life better for ourselves.

  • Friday 19 September 2008 at 17:29

    The Six of cups is for happy times as you can visit old times or any childhood memories. So maybe the happy times are now to come with the start of a new job for me when I get off my holiday. It could just be a old memory or someone that I knew is about to enter my life. But if its to do with memory’s of old times then I would only like good ones coming back. But I will need to keep my eyes open and see what happens. Maybe it’s something I did in my life that is going to come back and I do it right this time round. But I will just have to wait and see.

    for Friday 19 September 2008

    The Seven of cups

    We sometimes create fantasies in a world that can make us more happy then we forget to return to earth. So do some wishful thinking and try to dream of the things in life you like to do. You can let you imagination run wild unless you are kidding yourself about some facts. Some people build castles or wait for a ship to come in that will never come in as its in your head. You may also been lacking focus or not putting things to the test, if you are a wishful thinker then think of things you can get in life. Pick things that you now you can do and set yourself a dream to see if you can get there. It may mean that you are over eating, drinking or going out to party’s and need to think of your health a bit more.

    for Saturday 20 September 2008

    Eight of cups

    Sometimes we try to seek a deeper meaning in a personal thing and we may need to leave the rat run to move forward. We may be looking for answers or just seeing what is important. But we can also start on a journey to discovery new things and new facts in your life. But we must sometimes abandon a hopeless situation or not start a trip to the unknown. We must think of just letting go, finishing it and walking away. Sometimes we get drained by too much work and so you should take on less. If you feel tired at work then find another job.

  • Thu 18 Sep 08 at 18:40


    Sunday 21 September 2008

    Nine of cups

    This card shows a man sitting on a chair with a red hat and some brown to gold type boot. There are 9 cups on tables and a wooded floor.

    The nine of cups means you should be happy knowing you have done well and you have get to a goal you have set and you have now got there. You have everything you want and you can now relax with friends or family members. You may ever feel that you could book a break and go away for a few days. But be happy that you have done well in your math’s, English, GCSE or any school work. You have done the work now is the time to enjoy.

    for Tuesday 23 September 2008


    This cards show a seaside area as there is sea behide a lady and in her right hand is a cup with a fish in it. The lady is wear a red shirt and a blue dress with gray boots. This card is saying if we need to show Emotional then we should show it. If you are moved or touched by something then let your feelings show. You sometimes need to let your heart lead the way. But let your dreams move you in the right way to what you want. Sometimes you need to act on a hunch or your gut reaction. You may be able to start a new friendship or to love someone or get closer to someone or share something that is personal. Sometimes we must forgive ourself’s and move on. But other times we must forgive others have hurt you.

    for Wednesday 24 September 2008

    Well the Queen of cups is a caring card as she helps others out with her information and likes to see that people learn. She is sensitive to the feelings of other people and will not show her anger or hate. She could be a nurse as she helps if people are in pain and she is kind and gentle and will never turn people away in need.

    for Thursday 25 September 2008

    King of cups

    The king of cups can give good advice and has a good nature to them. They are sometimes good teachers or they know what others need. They are calm and is not nervous and can balance the needs of some people and can keep others happy and says just the right word at the right time. This person may do volunteer work and his a open mind.

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