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  • Re: Dark Energy Removal
    I'm currently trying to navigate through a very stressful legal and moral situation. Following your dark energy removal, I put a lot of thought into my goals and started making changes to reflect a happier lifestyle. I believe these changes were the best course of action, but has started a chain reaction.
    The legal matters involve an abusive ex and our son. Some of the negative energy I was able to work through and clear out for myself is now being pulled back to the surface. My 8 year old son is having a mental breakdown from the on going abuse by his father. I am taking all the proper precautions to protect him at this time, but ultimately it's up to a judge the day after Christmas, as to whether he stays protected or not. I'm able to see the potential positive here and trying very much to stay optimistic. However, the energy inside me is heavy. Do you have any advice as to how I can lighten this energy? The last thing I want is to be consumed by anger through this process that requires compassion and love.

  • UniquelyAquarius, you cleared out the old negativity but now you are generating new negativity through your dark thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself speaking or thinking negatively, you have to make a determined conscious effort to see the positive in your situation. For example, the positive thoughts could be that you are moving on from a bad situation, your son and you will be better for it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you will emerge stronger and wiser from your struggles, etc. You create these negative thoughts and once you get used to catching and stopping yourself thinking them, your life will be so much brighter and happier. It is not other people or your situation that is generating these bad thoughts and feelings - it is you, so take responsibility for creating them. It is the only way to get on top of the negativity.

  • I hear what your saying, and it's great advice. My anger was resolved from the past, but seeing my 8 year old son in so much pain just ignites my anger. He broke down 2 days ago, telling a teacher he wanted to kill himself. He told crisis that 'his father stole all of his happy feelings.' It's just heartbreaking. I know that love is much stronger than hate. I also realize that some of my anger is directed at myself for having a child with such a monster. The only way to ensure his safety in the future is to have him testify. It's just an incredibly emotionally charged situation.
    Thank you for your advice and I'll try even harder in the coming weeks to redirect my negative thoughts to a better, more positive place.

  • @uniquelyaquarius is your son getting counselling?

  • @thecaptain yes. He's seen a counselor regularly for about 4 years now. I think that's part of the reason he's finally opening up. With the holidays right around the corner however, she goes on vacation until mid January.

  • @uniquelyaquarius will he be seeing his father for Christmas?

  • @thecaptain the state "suggested" a 'protection from abuse order' which is essentially a restraining order. The judge set the court date for the day after Christmas. So no. At this point I am relying on an attorney whom I will see tomorrow. My son isn't safe with his father so it's for the best, but he's obviously very conflicted about it.

  • @uniquelyaquarius just keep giving all your love to your son and he will get through this. Don't get distracted by any negative thoughts or that love you are sending him will be turned off or corrupted.

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