Venus & Mars: The Relationship Dance by Jeff Jawer

  • This is a snippet from Jeff Jawer's article about Venus and Mars and the role they play in your love life. You can read the entire article here...

    Attraction and Action
    The Sun of will and consciousness and the Moon of emotion and habit are the central figures of personality in an Astrology chart. They are the essence of what defines us and what lies at the heart of desire, but they are not the means to fulfilling it. Venus and Mars are the arms of love, the agents of personal connection, and the planets of attraction and action. They are not the heart and soul of relationships, but these cannot be reached by other means.

    Venus is what we like and Mars is how we get it. The first defines self-worth and attraction and the second is how we put it into action. When they are compatible in a birth chart, the social dance is more graceful. Someone with Venus in impetuous Aries and Mars in audacious Leo may seamlessly navigate between attraction and action. Such a person likes and wants to be liked for being spunky and ready for new experiences and can act with playful creativity that can fulfill those desires.

    When Venus and Mars are in opposite signs, we see the challenge of bringing two very different styles to relationships. Happily, it isn't insurmountable and, in fact, it's perfect for the person born with this in her or his chart. Learning how to gracefully move from one approach to the other according to the situation are the critical steps required to smooth the road of relationships.

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