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  • Hello,

    I have just joined the forum in order to work on and improve my reading skills. I haven't yet learned to put the books down yet and don't always trust my instincts when I should and need to build more confidence there. I am more of an empath reader, I tend to pick up lots of feelings, but again I need to hone in on how to interpret that.

    However! (Sorry for the long start) I recently did a friends cards and I would be interested to know , if you pulled these cards how would you interpret them.

    Spread was Problem-Cause-Solution

    Question - Why did I hurt him and how can I forgive myself?

    Problem - Daughter(Page) of Wands - Reversed
    Cause - 10 of Wands - reversed
    Solution - Son of Cups - reversed

    As extra insight as I was shuffling for this reading the 9 of Swords popped out.

    I would love to her some insight before sharing what I relayed to my friend.
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    Really looking forward to any interpretations!

    Many Thanks,


  • Greetings SonasTarot,
    Thank you for your post and I would like to attempt to interpret the cards.
    The case I see the situation would be something like this:
    The current problem is that your friend doesn't know what to do (Page of Wands Rx). On one hand, (s)he may want to reconcile, but on the other hand, (s)he may not realize that there is something out of his/her ability/ control (10 of Wands Rx). (S)he wants to have everything alright, but that is simply too hard. Therefore, it is recommended to see the reality.with logic: What will (s)he benefit for continuing to struggle in the past? (Son/ Knight of Cups Rx). It is not the time for emotional expression.
    To simply put, the cards seem to urge him/her to let the past go.
    For an interesting note, the cards are actually in an ascending sequence:
    Nine of Swords
    Past (Cause): 10 of wands Rx
    Now (Problem): Page of wands Rx
    Future (what (s)he should do): Knight of cups Rx
    Therefore, from the perspective of card order, (s)he needs to proceed, rather than looking back.
    Another note is that Nine of swords represents too many ideas coming at once, therefore making one very uneasy, resembling the situation as depicted in 10 of wands (Rx).
    That would be my perspective. I hope that will give you (and your friend) any insight of the situation.
    Bless you.

  • Hi SonasTarot,

    Question for you, what do you feel when reading the cards? You can use the words as a guild...but what do they trigger? what feelings? That is what you are going to look for, like you can pick up feelings from people...pick the feelings up from the cards. Focus on that and you will put connections together that will help you.
    For me I let the cards tell me a story, I loosely use the format Problem, Cause, Solution.... or Past, Present, Future... I look at it as what am I picking up?

    There is something that is not's not solid, doesn't feel like it should
    There is drama or something causing the problem
    Someone is not telling the truth

    so for me I pick up a feeling or story that I would relay to help the person try to this case what is the drama about and why is someone not telling the truth...if they look into that, it can help them with what they are feeling... but that is my thoughts on how I would read that... do enough readings and get comfortable...everyone is different, find what works for you.
    Hope that helps,

  • Thank you both so much for the replies.

    This person who asked is a very close friend, so I know all the details, which means I sometimes can't be 100% sure if I am playing on what I know, even subconsciously, and going with that.

    You both, Black Hatter and Nick, have picked up on different points of the story, and both of you are right. Isn't it interesting how much you can get from these cards.

    For me the first card brought a weight onto me, I was looking at the card but I couldn't peice to together what it meant, I'd read the meanings and still not be sure even though the words were right in front of me. I took that as a direct link into how my friend was feeling at the time, disconnected, worried and a little trapped.
    By not dealing with these feelings it led to some acting out.

    The second card was also a real indicator of why, there were so many scattered thoughts and feelings all at once that were being internalised and led to a dark place. Eventually it becomes overwhelming.

    My advice was to make sure they were being honest and true with their feelings and emotions so that you can move on properly. Don't be motivated for the wrong reasons.

    There was definitely drama! Thanks so much for the insight again! Really interesting!

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