The sun, ace of cups and queen of swords

  • I did a tarot reading for my friend on what’s ahead for her in January
    I got the sun, ace of cups and queen of swords rider wait deck

    To me I think happiness (the sun) overwhelming emotions (of happiness maybe?) and I got stuck on the queen of swords she looks stern and cynical to me I think she would have to possess those qualities to get it but I’m not sure?..

  • Greetings Indigo2Kia,
    I have read your post and I would like to attempt to interpret the cards.
    The reading is very positive to me. For me:
    Your friend is going to have a very joyful moment in the future (Sun), probably related to some sort of emotional fulfillment (Ace of cups). However, your friend may understand that this seems all to be too good for him/her. Hence, (s)he would try to calm down a little bit and to use his/her logical mind to sort things out (Queen of Swords).
    Using picture depiction and the order of the cards, I assume the queen is not looking at the cup. Instead, she is looking at the right, symbolizing looking forwards the future while calming herself down to keep her cool. Besides, using the sequence, there is a child riding a horse behind the queen, so I would interpret that as a progress. First your friend is very happy, but then (s)he would eventually continue to live using his/her own intellect and not to be overwhelmed by the emotion.
    Overall, I can see that your friend will do fine in the coming future. Have no worries!
    Hope that my little sharing can help you. Cheers.

  • These are positive cards. The person you pulled for has opportunity coming her way. A return to her authentic self puts her at peak awareness. This was earned and continues to call for a balance of power and boundaries. I suspect this person has made a leap in understanding recently about the laws of attraction and made a commitment to checking in on her energy leaks and gains.

  • @indigo2kia said in The sun, ace of cups and queen of swords:

    sun, ace of cups

    The Sun's appearance in your Tarot reading as an indicator that everything is going in the right direction for you. Its Positive reading and all is gone in your favor.

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