The Heart of Virgo Man. Why do they play games when they Love you?

  • I'm a double Scorpio, rising Sag. Anyone that knows this sign, knows we have limited patience and can walk away even if we love someone. Thats exactly what happened. I've known this Virgo Male (September 4, 1982) since 2016. I actually placed him on a job assignment. We remained friends because I was married to another Virgo, which ended up to have Bipolar and Mood disorder as well as ADHD. One day, I packed my shit and left. Changed my number and he didn't know where I was. So after leaving my husband, I was just looking for a intimate weekly connect with this other virgo. We were just looking to hook up. After our first encounter, it turned into something so deep. I believe we connected on a deep level. We were both caught of guard. Then it started to grown into love. But then I started noticing I was being tested, hot and cold games, not returning texted etc. I'm intuitive as a Scorpio, so I knew that he was probably not able to handle what he was feeling or how I made him feel, so a stuck in there. In the time we been together, I tried to walk away twice, he convinced me to stay. I hate emotional and mental games and because of his insecurity, he continued to play games and test my love. We had a lot of fun together but as soon as he left, if I would text him, it would take hours for him to return my texts and he knew that was a HUGE pet peeve of mine. If you know this bothers me, why continue to do it. Ive spoken to him many times about this and he said he would do better, but i feel he was trying to put me inline and establish control because Im a strong, independent woman that didn't require a damn thing from him other than love, respect, loyalty and attention. I had enough. I exploded 2 days ago and I am usually very cool. After speaking with him about what I needed from him, he ignored me the next day. And I notice overtime I would pull away, then he would start acting right. Not this time, I ripped his a** open. I was so angry. Here is my last text to him.

    "So I've had a minute to cool down and gather my thoughts. I realized that I'm mad at myself because I saw some signs that I ignored. You've shown me that you can be selfish, inconsiderate and downright hurtful at times and I put up with it. You're not able to express how you truly feel and you analyze the shit out of everything. Even your heart. You play games out of insecurity. And even though I knew this, I still extended myself and showed you genuine love. It's not my fault that you cannot receive love, respect and kindness. When a woman shows you this, you take her for granted and play with her heart and emotions. I don't regret this. I've learned a lot about myself and know I have a lot to offer someone that is ready to receive genuine and wholesome love. I'm removing myself from this hurtful situation. I've tried my best and operated out of a place of love. Ive gone above and beyond for you because of how I felt. In the process, I've lost money, and invested time in someone that doesn't care to change one thing to show me they give a fuck. I'm out. I love myself way too much to go through this rollercoaster ride with a person that has no respect for my feelings and/or needs. Ive extended myself since MBI 2016. And still continued to and you continue to be inconsiderate and unappreciative. I'm glad I stepped back to really analyze this situation. I'm clearly not the issue. I wish you well"

    I really believed he loved me but play too many games. And even when I expressed what I needed, he ignored it to establish power in the relationship. Question, I dumped him, so why do I feel like crap, why am I wishing he will call and correct things. Why do I want him to change? We had such a deep soul mate connection. I think he didn't see this coming, but Scorpio have no patience for games and I warned him many times..... because I loved him, he didn't believe I had the discipline to leave. I miss him and Love him. But Love myself so much more. Any advance? My life coach said I handle this situation correctly, If he really loved me, he will correct this and realize how much he screwed up and come get me. I've blocked him from all account, but left one avenue open.

  • By the way, there was already something similar. The game was called Shogo or something like that. It also offered big robots. But only after 5 minutes of the game it still seemed that you were controlling an ordinary soldier. There was no sense of robot size. I don’t remember the name, but it was very popular Do you remember it?

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