2012: Is It Doomsday?

  • On December 21, 2012 the ancient Mayan calendar ends. Some say the world will end. What do you know about 2012? Do you believe all the hype? Learn more at 2012: The End of the World? or sound off on what YOU predict will happen.

  • I've read some on this topic and come to the conclusion that the world will end as we currently know it. In other words, we are shifting from a consciousness of materialism and quests for power to one of spiritualism and peace. The Mayans sure knew something and I think they are right in their predictions. Anyway, that's my take on the topic! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  • I'll admit that when I first heard of the Mayan calendar, I was absolutely freaked! But as time has gone by, I realized that with all the bloody history the world has witnessed over the centuries, Earth has survived. Yes, we need to change our ways and the way things are going in the world, change needs to happen now...but I'm holding onto hope that 2012 will be a positive change.

    question: hasn't it been proven that the Gregorian calendar is actually off by 5 (?) years, and if so, does this mean the dates for the Mayan calendar would have already passed us by?

  • remember when everyone was freaked out about the year 2000? We thought our whole computer system was going to shuctdown and cause chaos. its going to be okay.

  • my response to this will be similar to the post 2012.

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  • I heard someone talk on the radio today. He has been studying the Mayan culture and calendar for 20 years now. He said the Mayans did NOT believe in the end of the world. Simply, 2012 was the end of the calendar before a new one started. This man stated that the Mayans would be laughing if they heard all the fear people are having because of this 2012 date and it is really a sign of our culture and media control that people are turning it into a date of doom and gloom. I wish I could have heard more....just caught the tail end of the discussion. I personally don't feel this date will be anything other than a date. I try very hard to live with positive expecation and not let fear rule my life. Not always easy but why would anyone want to believe in the worst possible scenario? I would like to believe that 2012 will the beginning of a new era of enlightenment and more open-minded thinking.....and that's what I'm going to be expecting for that date and beyond....now I will step off the soap box! 🙂

  • I have listened and watched a great deal about this 2012 end of the world....now they have a new interpitation from sir issiac newton and the year as being 2060.

    Do I believe the world will end on either dates...no

    do i believe that there will come a change...yes

  • whatever happens is the result of what we have done. it's the universal law that what we get out of something is what we put into it. my mentor's spirit guide showed her what will happen but she was not allowed to tell me or anyone. because the future is not fixed on the stone, what we do now and in the past can change it. so why not just focus on developing our abilities for all that is good? this way the future will be - well - good. it's not a bad thing to know the future, but if it means living in fear until then, well that's a big waste. I'm going to continue living and having a baby. if life were to end in 2012, well so it will end. my spirit will come back, for only my body is destroyed and what is physical is only a temporary thing anyway.

  • I don't know if this latest prediction is true or not but I do believe that God has a time and place for the end of the world and in our human mind he only gives us glimpses he does not give us a time or a place for this event to take place. If 2012 is the end, I will give and praise God for the time I did have it is a rebirth.

  • I also believe that there is change coming. Its already been moving to that direction anyway. Less and less material and more towards a simpler way of life. Also much more going on with earths changes. Smaller communities and people helping each other more in order to survive in a way so foreign to a much younger group of people. So the older ones will teach. Living off the land and a cleaner way of life. Not so self-centered.

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  • We will be entering a New Age as the Mayan calendar actually restarts all over again.


  • I think they ran out of room on the rock and simply couldn't fit anymore dates on it. Maybe they had the next calendar in the works but the civilization collapsed before they had a chance to finish it. I am serious now. Look how old that calendar is. They had a long time to worry about chiseling out the next one, doesn't mean they thought the world was going to end, just wasn't any urgency in it. Sounds exciting and all to speculate on the end of the world, or dramatic global/spiritual change, but I'm betting it comes and goes like any other day.

    Meanwhile your best move is to make every day count, you never know when your end will come.

  • i like what you are all saying even though i am a skeptic all this 2012 stuff is starting to freak me out. I like life and i dont want to see a big catastrophy. Someone told me all teh planets will line up causing changes in the gravitational pull which will cause tsunamis and hurricanes and earth quakes. Im starting to get scared. i know our souls will live on but im not ready to see our beautiful earth die or all the people I love. Is this true that the planets will align and cause solar flares and so on?

  • Hi all

    Popped back into this thread as I like it! I particularly relate to what LibrasLair and BlackWyvern have to say about 2012. I don't feel there is a lot to be afraid of with these coming changes. Lovin, we're already experiencing the gravitational pulls with all the natural disasters that have happened recently. I think this is the earth's way of righting itself, and eventually, we'll see peaceful waters again ... in 2012!

    Our earth won't die, at least I don't believe that. But what will die are the things which've driven mankind to do to the earth what they've been largely doing - raze it to the ground. New breeds of animals have been introduced and farmed which are kinder on the land, like llamas and alpacas, and other critters which can help with other forms of pest control rather than resorting to chemicals. These things are taking off slowly, but will soon become more prevalent. Notice how a lot of people are turning towards a more holistic way of living these days; many are avoiding preservatives in their food or chemical cleaning products. We're conserving water more, at least here in Australia we are. All these baby steps are leading towards the consciousness the earth is heading for.

    So those of you who are afraid; fear not! Take notice of BlackWyvern's post here: a new age will begin where the other ended. That's it in a nutshell. And remember what you said Lovin? We were pretty scared of 2000 when it was coming, but as it turned out, it was a storm in a teacup after all.

    Let's just take each day as it comes and accept the changes as they gradually appear. I reckon we'll all be sitting pretty by 2010 and those of us on a spiritual path will reap the benefits more I feel. Someone mentioned that the older ones will be teaching? I think that's right too; we'll be leading the way from now, then taking up our positions around 2012. This is what we've all been working towards, even if we're not consciously aware of it now.

    So let's open our arms and welcome 2012 rather than fear it. Mother earth and those who have tried to nurture her will reap their rewards then, least that's what I think :))

  • cris1962 when I mentioned that the older people will be teaching I was referring to making gardens and how to preserve our food. The things that those who have been raised in the city don't know how to do. Survival will the name of the game. Well be more into a vegetarian life style of eating. There has been too much growing bigger and better animals and food so they can replace them fast. People are already going back to heirloom seeds. That's where we are headed. To a simple way and less materialistic ways. Smaller communities and living away from the larger cities. More self sustaining communities. Bartering for things. These have all been in the works by several people for over ten years. I know of one in Kentucky now. And there are more.

  • Yep, changes they are a-comin' ... 🙂 I read a book years ago about the journey of souls and it went into the a time around the end of the second millenium/beginning of the third where mankind would be working with the earth rather than against it and all things were geared towards nurturing and growing things, rather than synthetically building/making them. So I agree with what you're saying.

    I also believe that in time, grazing animals - like alpaca - may not be a food source either, but more a way of keeping land grazed in a more gentle way which helps it to regenerate, thus cutting down and out the need to constantly plough and resow, which ultimately drains the nutrients from the ground. Alpaca/Llama are known for simply nipping the top off what they eat rather than ripping out by the root - like sheep and cattle do - and also their feet are gentle on the ground and don't chop it up. They are also used to being handled by man having been bred that way for centuries in Peru. So this is why I'll particularly sing their praises as I believe they are the farming animals of the future. Not to mention they are very spiritual animals and calming to be around. I believe they will dominate our farming some time in the future, but so far, things aren't looking too promising in Australia at least (too much competition with sheep, goats and cattle sadly) but the Italians seem to have some ideas up their sleeve which they're not sharing ...

    Still, these things are all indicators of what's to come, so as I said before, let's welcome them in rather than fear them 🙂

  • cris1962 we are in agreement. I don't know if when they farm in Australia that they cut down all of the trees. But in some states here they have cut the trees and when the winds start to blow its taking the top soil away. Some areas they level for planting rice and have graded so much that they not they are right on top of the water tables. If you watch the Discovery Channel they have figured out why the Mayan's disappeared. They farmed so much and depleted the soil that the salt has come the the surface and killed the crops. Its happening here now. Some farmers in Arkansas can't grow anything because you can see the salt on the surface. And its moving from farm to farm. The Mayans starved to death. The animals might also be used for clothing. Shearing them like you do sheep.

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