Any insight into the situation?

  • I am trying to understand whther i still have feelings for my ex or not. I brokewith the person i was dating recently, because i dont see a future and also i felt that i still m in love withmy ex. But i am not sure and i am not getting any instinct about this.

    Can anyone please help me and see what is happening with me.because all i m doing is crying crying because of confusions about both relationship and career.
    If anyone can give their valuable time and see the situation, it would be a much needed help.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Can you give me your date of birth so I can tune into your energy?

  • can you give more info about you. like Date and time etc,,,

  • Dob 02/09/92

    I am currently in a very depressing and confused state where i m unable to decide which path to choose career wise and with whom the things will last. What i mean to say is that i am not sure which one is karmic relationship and which one is a lifetime soulmate connection.
    If any one can pick up the feelings and guide me the right path, then that will help me in making the decision.

    Thanks alot.

  • And the birth dates of your current and ex-partners?

  • @thecaptain wow.. do you know how to do that?? I'd love to get your insight!

  • @p21023 I know a great technique to help you. You can use a pendulum! It's not difficult to use and learn.
    You have to however connect with yourself in a peaceful state. So meditate, clear your head and start drowsing.
    Check some tutorials on YouTube.
    I have tried it and it works like a charm. It's not an add I swear!
    Your body will speak and tell you how your subconscious mind is feeling.
    As the pendulum moves towards yes or a no be aware of how you feel about the answer. If you feel your question is emotionally loaded, write your questions on different pieces of paper and just put the papers under the pendulum and ask for the answer to that question.

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