Can someone please do a tarot reading for my job situation?

  • I am so frustrated with my job search. I took a seasonal position to tide me over. While I am looking for work in my field. Should I be considering other possible jobs other then what I went to school for? I feel like I am treading in water over my head and I am frustrated. Where I am not getting work that I know I can do if I was given the chance. My first two numbers of my birthday are 12-12. Can someone please do a tarot reading for me ?

  • If your in a field that's not in-line w/creativity, helping people maybe yes look for something else. What do you like

  • @daliolite well I like to feel like I am making a difference and helping others. I have experience as a personal care assistant. I went to school for health information. But I'm having a hard time getting a job in my field. So I have resorted to going back and catering and working in customer service. But it doesn't pay as much. And with either job hours aren't always steady. I'm confused and not sure what to do. Can anyone do a reading for me and help me figure out which way to go with this job search?

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