How to Take THIS Sign on a Hot Date!

  • There are few better ways to celebrate love and romance than with a hot date. Of course, what constitutes a hot date for a domestic Cancer could translate to a yawn-fest for adventurous Sagittarius. If you'd like to avoid disaster and fuel the right romantic heat, check out the following suggestions for the best dates by zodiac sign. (Written by astrologer Stephanie Dempsey)

    Find out here how each zodiac sign likes to be woo'd and courted!

    As a Aries who loves a good date night, this article suggests a night out to the hippest club, the hottest play, or the trendiest restaurant... and that, I must say, is fairly spot on. I'm all about trying a new, fun spot that everyone is raving about. And the sooner I can be part of the buzz, the better! It doesn't always have to be loud and wild, but I'm an energetic person who craves an energetic partner. My ideal date night is tasty dinner at a hip restaurant then out dancing, to a concert, or to a lively show.

    What's YOUR ideal date night? Does it align with this article by Stephanie Dempsey?

  • I am a Capicorn and I love being taken out for a meal then a movie or something else.
    Not to happy about getting gifts.

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