• I was hoping on a reading

  • Hi Meme,

    The readings I do are based off of feelings, here is what I picked up.

    You have the ability to be strong and a leader...plan, set goals and reach for them.
    There is hope ahead...a small smile like a bit of satisfaction feeling along with the hope.
    That hope brings some happiness.
    You are worried about the instability that you feel.
    You need courage to get through the stumbles.
    You want that happiness...a feeling of it not coming quick have to wait through it.
    You have a plan that you are not putting enough energy into...need more thought and effort, there is arguing over what you are doing causing conflict. Think it though or rethink what you are doing.
    Something works out just a little that will let you hope and refocus.
    You will have some tears with affections...control your emotions and look for why to learn from.
    You have conflicting emotions, you want things on opposite ends, they clash causing arguments.
    You will work through the fights, try to learn what happen and why so you can grow.

    Hope that helps,

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