Get Guidance in Your Love Life!

  • Love is one of the most asked-about topics in a Tarot reading. When you're asking the Tarot about your love life, there are certain cards that may come up that hold especially potent messages!

    From the Major Arcana to all suits of the Minor Arcana, there are cards throughout the whole Tarot deck that can guide your love life -- in fact the whole suit of Cups addresses relationships, emotions, and intuitions.

    Of course, they're not all messages you may want to hear...

    Some of these cards are telling you you're exactly where you need to be, while others are telling you that change is in order. Either way, these are messages of growth, positivity, and guidance, helping you find your path to fulfilling love.

    Some of the best cards for Love...

    • The Lovers
    • Death
    • The Tower
    • Two of Cups
    • Three of Swords
    • Five of Cups
    • Six of Swords
    • Ten of Cups

    Which Tarot Cards are your favorite for love?

  • @tarotcomadmin
    Do u do readings

  • @tarotcomadmin why do you reckon the 3of swords or the 5 of cups are good for relationship? Curious .. I get a different vibe from them.

    I read once the 5 of pentacles is good one for love as it portrays a couple staying together for the worse ... Not just the happy easy times...

  • @llewellyn Hi Llewellyn! If you click on the links embedded in the post, you can actually have access to the whole article.

    Two of Cups
    The Two of Cups is about two people working together. It reflects an energy of mutual feeling and support, and reminds you that there is love in your life, whether you see it or not.

    Three of Swords
    The Three of Swords is a card of heartache and sadness. In a love reading, it can represent loneliness, rejection, infidelity, and breakups. Remember: hardships are where we can grow the most. While these difficult feelings are an unfortunate part of life, they are a very necessary part of personal development.

  • @meme No, I am not a Tarot reader or Psychic, but I can recommend one of the many Tarot readings we have available on our website if you let me know what your question is. 🙂

  • @tarotcomadmin said in Get Guidance in Your Love Life!:

    Six of Swords
    Ten of Cups

    what is significance of these two?

  • @tarotcomadmin If you don't read tarot, I'm surprised you recommend certain cards. I think all cards are telling a story. You really have to look at the outcome card--what the tarot is telling you what the question is really all about. This hasn't failed to be a significant card w/me. There are still cards I have trouble with. The cards you chose are very recognizable w/definite impact--no skating around the issue. Maybe that's why they're "recommended" but who knows how it'll play out.

  • @daliolite Thanks for your reply! Our staff is knowledgeable about Tarot and Tarot cards, but we want to encourage you to engage in the readings we have on site.

    We work with lots of professional Tarot readers and writers who have worked very hard to put these online readings together. We don't mind our Forums members doing readings for one another, but we also highly recommend the readings available in our catalog!

  • @daliolite Thanks for your reply

  • The T ower

  • @tarotcomadmin
    Love quest potentials 7 card

    situation - heirophant
    self - moon
    loved one - hermit
    next step - 9 of pentacles
    advice - knight of cups
    challenge - 9 of cups
    potential - the tower
    so maybe in the future

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