Help me interpreting this!

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    I sincerely appreciate a non biased opinion. Have asked with regards of an ex partner I have recently told how I felt but have received no answer from him. I wish to know where his mind and what to expect. I have made my own interpretation but I want to double check. Cheers in advance!

  • @llewellyn Sorry newbie here... Need to add that the 6 of cups I added it in case I needed an extra one for further understand.

  • @llewellyn So are these "your cards" pertaining to you and your relationship with him, or are they "his cards"?

    Are you using a Significator?
    Tell me about the 6 of Cups, Clarification card?

  • @ddude yes, clarification card...
    And this is "his view" on things...
    Many many thanks!!

  • @llewellyn You know often times this spread doesn't answer direct questions but tells us what we need to know at that given time. I've also noticed they tell a very dynamic story and for that reason it's a good idea to keep a log..

    It's late and I'm getting tired, so here's my non-theactrical card story in a nut shell.

    I see person who is really blessed, I mean to the excessive extreme.

    The sad thing is they're so discontent they're willing to abandon all they have for new distractions and pies in the sky..
    They have so much potential for amazing opportunities.. Let's hope in time they can learn to balance these qualities

    Meanwhile it appears this person had some kind of disagreement or falling out with someone.. To complicate things further they're going through some really big hefty changes.

    If I didn't know any better I would say it has something to do with the opposite sex... It could be out of Hope's or fears, but its definitely from a higher inner source...

    With time and work, hopefully this cat can fine contentment and complete repose of the heart...

    Wow that was strange lol

  • Cheers dude!!! We, the ex and I had it real good, never had any issue it was all fun and respect.
    But his ex sue him and but him in quite a difficult situation. He had to start taking double shifts, lost a lot of weight and I end it cause we didn't see each other any more.
    He's finally left work but had to move back to his parents. The ex has recently gotten married. He seems to be doing better so, I decided to tell him that I was interested in continuing the relationship if that is what he wanted..

    Many thanks @Ddude !!

  • @ddude
    Clarify... The ex that sue him had just gotten married with some other folk. But my ex was with her for like 10 years!

  • @llewellyn Well it looks like I overshot that one by a tad lol.

    So are you the queen of Cups?

    What's you're interpretation of the spread?


  • @ddude A bit similar, only somethings different...

    I think you follow the Celtic cross (correct me if I'm wrong) as past influences on the right and future on the left, which I have seen around... But I read it the other way around.
    So I saw the seven of cups as him being confused about options (getting back together, give it time, prioritise different.. or simply not interested anymore).

    Since we ended because of his job and he ended without money and back to his parents, I figured he was feeling (root) as he had had an empty battle were he left so much of his time and effort without getting anything back from...
    This is where itmight get ambiguous for me .. yes, he is under some big changes... Probably some big lessons to deal with that he had to face to evaluate his life and past decisions, like what is really important and what does he really want out of life... The 8 of cups I read it as a desire to move on and leave behind what it didn't serve anymore... In order to find joy, happiness and love....

    I feel as though the Queen might be me... My offers, maybe what he sees I can provide.. he (biased maybe) does have some feelings for me and would like (aces) to make some changes because he is interested in changing his views on the current situation. In other words, since he has loving feelings for me, he is changing his view on things and will seek (10 of cups) to re-establish the relationship... But..high priestess... Time will have to be granted... And need to be patient as it may not happen soon....

  • @ddude tell me what you think of the reading....

  • @llewellyn said in Help me interpreting this!:

    @ddude A bit similar, only somethings different...

    I think you follow the Celtic cross (correct me if I'm wrong) as past influences on the right and future on the left, which I have seen around... But I read it the other way around.

    I think this is where some of the confusion come in...

    I dont use a Significator card (I like to leave all the cards in play). If I did the "past card" would go on the opposite side of the Significator face.. meaning the card could be on the left or right... depending on the Significator. (See Waites little book/ Waites Picture guide)

    Since I don't use the Significator, my 6th card (the future) always falls on the right.. so "I'm reading center to top to bottom, then, left to right.. then to the bottom of the cross to the top... the four cards on the right leading to the "possible" outcome..

    If you just look at the diagram of the spread it shows the future always on the left... but when you read the instructions it tells you it needs to be facing away from the Significator... so that means it could be either side

    Do you have a Significator card under that Ace of cups?

    And no I dont believe you have to follow all the rules ... do what comes natural ...

    I'm running short on time, will get back to ya later today


  • @ddude
    Nop, I don't have a significant card.. it's actually the first time I hear about it! Must do something me googling now...

    I've looked at possible outcomes the ones in the top 5,6,10. Being 5 as current most recent, 6 one that is approaching and 10 further away ....

    7 is the point of view, 8 environment, 9 hopes and fears.. but not related to outcome itself as what it is surrounding the situation...

    I see what you mean though... 😸😸

  • @llewellyn Wow I can really relate to this guy...

    Hmm, this is like a love Celtic spread. You dealt his cards with the intention of finding out where you stand... I haven't tried that.. interesting

    I think you're on the right path, just take into consideration everything he has gone through and his current situation...

    The first time I over-shot, this time I'm under shooting... just basic def. from Waite.. that spread is dynamic

    The Ace of Cups covers hims - He's a True Heart

    The Ace of swords Compliments and crosses him - He is in love as well as hate

    The Eight of Cups crowns him- He is walking away from his feelings, emotions and relationships..

    Five of Swords - Degration, destruction, reversal, infamy, dishonor and loss

    Seven of Cups - Opportunities and extremes some reachable but nothing permanent

    Six of Pentacles - Property, family, inheritance, gratification, vigilance

    Death - End, destruction, corruption but also new beginning

    Queen of Cups - A good fair woman, honest, devoted who will do service to him

    The High Priestess - Secrets. Mystery, the future as yet to be reveal...

    Ten of Cups - Contentment, repose of the heart, a person who is taking charge of his interest

    The clarification card ..

    Six of cups - a card of memories and of the past... new relations and new knowledge..

    Sorry I cant see past that High Priestess..

    You said he was back home with his parents.... I'm thinking about that Queen of Cups, Six of Cups and Six of Pentacles

    My advice is give him some room. He's still dealing with some heavy fallout...

  • @ddude
    Cheers!! I appreciate it! I was concern about twisting my interpretation on this guy cause of the way I feel for him.
    Funny thing, I had done a spread before to know where I was standing.. and the high priestess came same place as now... Giving the way I shuffle the cards... Well... It spooky she decided to appear same place...

    I guess this is a "only time can tell" ... He is going through some stuff and he needs to figure things out... Being in a relationship may not be his priority at the time and not because there aren't feelings for me but rather he has bigger fish to fry..
    A friend of my be who is a tarot card reader told me that the high priestess was like a door, if he isn't doing his inner work for himself (as seen in the death card) all the promises of joy as seen in the 10 of cups will not happen...

    So tell me, how can you relate to this guy? I'm curious...

  • @llewellyn Hey, I dont get the impression he's walking away from you in particular. I feel he's still dealing with emotional issues. He's playing it safe, He's emotionally unavailable at the moment, he's licking his wounds so to speak... It sounds like he went through the ringer...

    I like your interpretation...Think of it this way: If you ask four different people what the color blue is you'll get four different answers depending on their perspective.. But blue will still be blue and the only thing that really changes are the shades of blue and the language used to describe it... Like I said cards are so dynamic..

    You mention a prior spread concerning the same question and the High Priestess in the same location.....

    Well there's a reason people tell you to keep a log of your spreads... I take pics of the important ones...

    One of those reasons are you can actually watch the same cards move through out multiple spreads as time and the story line progresses.. just like chess pieces
    Now instead of one reading you have several readings you can interpret.. and yes it can be a bit spooky..

    Also do you play Reversals or do you flip the reverse cards up? If so do you remember if you had any reversed cards on that spread?

    People do it both ways and it's not for me to argue the point.. But, I have learned that it can be useful and has it place until your seasoned enough not to need it..

    I'll answer that last question in a little while 🙂

  • @ddude
    Many thanks for your input... I didn't take a pic of my previous reading but I kept a log. Cards do move!! My six of pentacles was on my eight of cups.. and the Queen of wands was were my queen of cups is now.
    I like to shuffle my cards at least seven times and I spread them around so I can move my hand around them and when ever / where ever it feels right that is what I choose . can be spooky to see the patterns moving. I totally know what you mean!!

    I have read myself the tarot before and my interpretations didn't seem to be accurate so I grew suspicious about my reading skills. (Hence me coming here ). However, as I have continued researching I've been able to see where I had been wrong.

    I dont use reversals and I didn't get any this time or the last. .. I know is one of those topics...

    I dread at first when I saw the eight of cups that he was moving away from me but then when I saw the 10 of cups, I saw the chance of him moving towards something .. as he does want all that joy and love but... Still there are some issues to be resolved.

    Whenever I have seen him, he has not shown signs of avoidance.. he is always friendly and affectionate in the way he looks at me... Some time has passed since I told him how I felt and he has not brought it up either to say yes or no or I'm thinking about it.

  • @llewellyn Like I said, I wouldn't view it as he's walking away from "you"... I think he's on pause at the moment... with good reason..

    Oh and back to how I can relate.
    The more I looked at this spread and heard parts of the story, the more I realise this could have been my spread...

    My story is very similiar, in a very small Nut Shell.

    It also involves a nasty separation- divorce (in a non-typical way). Only it's compounded with the mysterious deaths of two very close and dear individuals, along with various threats of multiple criminal and civil litigations.

    In my case I wasn't forced to work all the time, it's just "who I was (110% Capricornus).

    Heartbroken, exhausted, overwhelmed and beaten over the head with multiple life changing events... I decided to let "Fate" The Wheel of Fortune spin. I walked away from everything I valued, I left it all ... The Fools Journey.

    I ended up miles from home, back with my parents. Focused on the meaning of the High Priestess (In that very same position).

    Oddly enough, I also ran across an old girl friend who recently expressed her desire to rekindle an old flame..

    A request that I have yet to answer..

    Someone once said "Before you can understand the scar, you must first feel the blade" I do believe this statement to be true.

  • Funny how everything is interconnected and there are no accidents... You somehow needed to find this spread and I needed to find someone who could relate.

    Thanks again for sharing. I really appreciate it.

    Why haven't you answered? Cause you are all over the place?

    Certain things must be healed before a new journey begins... So we can do it with a clean slate.

    I am nobody to meddle things with you, but as a woman on the other side of the boat.. I think it would be nice to let her know where you are standing.. she might get the wrong idea...
    But mind, I could be wrong... So take my opinion with a grain of salt...

    Have a good weekend.!! 😊

  • @llewellyn said in Help me interpreting this!:

    Why haven't you answered?

    Well please dont apply my response to your situation.

    Yea, it's strange how things work out. Twenty three years later she ends up three doors down living with her parents and hasn't changed a bit..

    If it was all fun and games I wouldn't have hesitated even for a second. It was all I could do to break the hold.. But what do they say... "Once bitten twice shy"

    I've learned some very valuable and costly lessons throughout my travels. I'm hard headed, driven and in the process of rebuilding. Taking losses - no matter how small is not part of the equation. It's simply not an option.

    Unfortunately I'm not interested in fun and games. I'm looking for that Queen of Cups, someone to help rule and maintain that Ten of Cups... someone to share The World with..

    "Happiness is only real when shared"

    She's three doors down...
    I left it open because I know everyone is capable of change and everything happens for a reason... I may not always understand the reason but that doesn't change the fact.

    Meanwhile, I have a lot of ground to make up and a new future to build.

    This has definitely been a very interesting conversation that I've enjoyed 🙂

  • @ddude that is definitely sensible...
    All I can say is that I really do hope she turns out to be your queen of cups and that you find settlement in your heart and life after everything you have been through.
    Life can be very painful at times.. but it is said that only through hardship is that we can fully appreciate our blessings...

    Thank you so much for helping me with my reading. It has been very educational. 🙏🙏🙏
    Best wishes to you!

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