Zodiac Pig: What Happen to Fan Tai Sui in Year of The Pig

  • Beginning of Spring
    The ancient Chinese divided a year into 24 periods, which is known as “Jie Qi” or Solar Terms. The first Solar Term is called “Li Chun”. It is the beginning of Spring and also considered to be the actual beginning of a year.
    Year of The Pig begins on 4 February 2019 at 11:40a.m.
    After the “Li Chun” festival which was held at 11:40a.m. on 4th February 2019, Year of The Pig is officially started.
    Fan Tai Sui
    From Wikipedia, “Tai Sui” is a Chinese term for the stars directly opposite Jupiter during its roughly 12-year orbital cycle. Personified as deities, they are important features of Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism to a lesser extent.
    The 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac are based on divisions of the Jovian orbital cycle, rather than — as with the western zodiac — the apparent motion of the sun relative to the celestial sphere.
    When I am alive, what age of us to begin “Fan Tai Sui”? That is the same year as the year of my own Zodiac, it is so-called “Ben Ming Nian”, the “Same Zodiac Year Conflict”.
    For example: If your Zodiac is Ox, when the Year of Ox comes, you are “Fan Tai Sui”.
    At the age of twelve, it starts “Fan Tai Sui”, and after six years, it is “Conflict with Tai Sui”. Until 60 years old, there are five times of “Fan Tai Sui” and five times of “Conflict with Tai Sui”.
    It is often said that “Fan Tai Sui” or “Conflict with Tai Sui” will have bad fortune, some bad things happen, but it may not necessarily be true. It depends on how serious of five elements of your “Ming Gua” conflict with “Tai Sui”. If not serious, sometimes there are no many disasters happen. Don’t worry.
    Chinese Fortune of Zodiac Pig
    What is the fortune of Zodiac Pig in the Year of The Pig? What way do you use to avoid evil?
    Now, we talk about this immediately. Let’s have a look at International Feng Shui Expert: Chris Liu’s prediction of the fortune of Zodiac Pig in the Year of The Pig.
    Zodiac: Pig (Year 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)
    You are “Fan Tai Siu” in 2019. As you are “Fan Tai Siu”, some of the following things will happen:
    (1) Lose a huge amount of money, it may be a disaster; or it may not be a disaster. Losing money also includes the big trading, such as buying a house, buying a car parking space, having big investment etc.
    (2) Be an offender or the body is seriously injured. It may be a disaster; or it may not be a disaster too. Offender also includes the parking penalty, may not be the civil or criminal offences.
    (3) A “blood” relative has passed away. Please pay special attention to your parents’ health condition, especially aging relatives.
    (4) Alienation of emotion, easy to argue with the couple, fight with couple, afterwards it is easy to cause divorce or break up.
    How to avoid the above bad things happen?
    (1) Take it easy
    Everything goes with you, do not be too persistent, be more inclusive and considerate. Keep yourself calm during tough times. Going through tough times is a part of your life, don’t make yourself so upset, stay calm in stressful situation. Your positive attitude will bring you some improvement.
    For example, you drive a vehicle on the wrong road, easy to face it and should not insist or insist on immediately turning back to the original place, it may be saved your life, so as to avoid serious traffic accidents.
    (2) Be patience, be tolerance
    In the world, life and death are big issue, others are small things. Why do you care too much about winning or losing? Therefore, if you encounter something unsatisfactory, you should face it with patience and tolerance, you will endure it and be relaxed. Think of “Tomorrow will better” to encourage yourself. Don’t give up. Sunshine comes after a rainy day.
    (3) Do not do something in super surprise, or do not make a super big decision of the life in this year.
    For example, if you haven’t swum for ten years, you suddenly have a whim and rush to swim in the sea. Or you decide to invest whole savings to start business. Be careful of your decision. Please be patience and do some big issues in your lucky year.
    (4) Go to the graveyard as less as possible. The Yin Qi will affect you, includes every aspect in your daily lives.
    (5) Do not too aggressive and donate to the charity. God bless you.
    It is not advisable to make too many unnecessary and enterprising activities in the Year of The Pig. If you can, please donate some money to the charity to have small fortune and avoid unpleasant things happen.
    Accessories or Crafts
    In general, it is better to wear a tiger’s accessories or place tiger’s crafts to help you have a good luck. However, you are “Fan Tai Sui” in 2019 (Year of The Pig), the tiger’s accessories will be removed from your body, and the tiger’s crafts will be packed up, so as to avoid a bad luck.
    Tiger’s accessories or crafts will help to increase the power of “Fan Tai Sui” in Year of The Pig. You are recommended to wear tiger’s accessories or place tiger’s crafts next year.
    Luck of Health
    You should pay special attention to the diseases of the spleen, stomach and abdomen, especially those’s “Ming Gua” is Water, or the people who live in the southwest or northeast rooms, the health is weak and there is more chance to get small disease.
    Luck of Wealth
    Luck of wealth in Year of The Pig is ordinary, with no surprise. Small gambling is acceptable, but don’t spend too much on this. Luck of wealth is weakest in April and October of the Chinese lunar calendar, please manage your money wisely.
    Luck of Love
    Luck of love in Year of The Pig is ordinary, nothing special. Unmarried people and their buddies are progressing slightly; but married people have a dispute with their companions. If you do not have a partner, you have less chance to find the right one. Therefore, you do not listen to gossip, so as to disturb your mind, be patience and do not do something too aggressive.
    It is suitable for marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, people who born in Year 1983 or 1995, pay special care on dealing with partner’s feelings to avoid the chance of breaking up.
    Luck of Career
    Do not exalt yourself in workplace, avoid the jealousy of your companions, and avoid unnecessary troubles happen to you. Keep in mind that your superiors seem like “Tai Sui” in this year, they will give you pressure and be patient to face it. If your superior is not friendly or too harsh, do not complain about this misfortune in front of other companions, so as to avoid the disaster happen.
    People who work in the gold, silver, iron, wood industry or agriculture are more auspicious. Finally, you are good to cooperate with the people’s Zodiac are Rabbit and/or Goat.
    To gain more luck, you can place the mascot “Horse” in the northwest of your home.

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