Which Marseilles deck.

  • Hi, To aid my study of the tarot I'm making a small collection of decks. I've got the Waite and the Visconti and now I'm looking for a Marseilles deck. But I am confused about all the Marseilles decks on offer. Can anyone simplify the matter? I want as original a deck as possible. The Golden Tarot looks good - I know it's got the modern gold on but it still looks old and the pictures authentic and not modern interpretations (unlike the Jodorowsky). The Yoav Ben-Dov I sent back because the white was too white and the pictures looked too bright and new. So, I want cards that are (a) authentic - as old as possible (b) which don't look too bright and modern. Maybe a Fournier deck? Anyway, any thoughts/suggestions most welcome.

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