I fell for him

  • I fell in love with someone that I did not mean to he works mill right for a living and travels and I am woundering if someone can do a reading and find out if he fells the same about me or not I think he does the day he left he left 10 min befor I got there but called 20 mins later when asked why he left with out seeing me he says he would of not been able to leave and he told me he will see me again can somebody give me a reading upon on this

  • I wish someone can give me a reading my birthday is 07-11-74 and my time of birth is 07:39am in Okc the guy I speak of date of birth 05-14-59 please someone tell me what I have in store for me cause I do love him and I do want to be with him if he will be with me

  • will someone give me a reading please

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