• Hello @Blmoon!

    OMG.Just, OMG. I can see the hype about you here and really, the feedback you provided me on my post helped me a lot (I am not sugarcoating. It made me reflect on how I do my readings). Is it okay if I ask you a question (psychic related)?

  • @raspberrygirl
    What is your question?

  • @blmoon I've been having dreams about a certain person. Dreams that come true. Some are exactly like my dreams, some are slightly different in reality. Still, the gist is there. At first, I was thrilled because I like this person and I get to know some things about them. For example, I dreamed that he is visiting. I kept on telling my friends about it, but they just laughed at me. When he came, they realized that I am telling the truth. But now, I am honestly no longer happy. The latest dream I has is him having sexual relationship. Upon waking up, I knew what to look for and what I found confirmed my dream. It hurts I admit. However, what bothers me most is why do I have to dream about that. Why not anything else?

    Can you give me some advice?

  • @raspberrygirl
    Where your focus goes grows. You are love sick. Sounds odd but that's my best description. Dreams are not just prophetic but also can reflect what's going on in your daily life. I know part of you finds this connection in the dream state as positive affirmation of a special bond with the object of your love but it is not real. You are not the only person to experience this. When I was in my thirties I had a big love attraction and he as well filled my dreams in contradicting ways that had no reality in real life. Your dream of believing in your dreams but others did not and then getting what wanted and yet being not happy is speaking to you! Even if this object of your desire came true it would not make you happy. He is a distraction from deeper things about yourself that you are not dealing with yet. It's easy not to deal with true life wounds and healing when our minds are filled with distractions. Your dreams and love obsessions are a coping habit that keep your shadow side in the shadows. I had psychics at the time tell me the truth but I stayed in denial and had to walk through it as I needed my safe imaginary love obsession and it took years for me to get wise on that one. When that bubble burst I actually suffered withdrawals that were as painful as any addiction. On that note I do understand your need for this attraction to be meaningful and real. It is not in reality true. I wish I had been able to skip my own painful journey but then again it was necessary for healing and wisdom. You do have control over these dreams and they are not coming from outside you as some magical proof of a great love power. It would take many pages of explaining to cover this subject! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon such a powerful message. This really got into me. I honestly haven't thought that we have some sort of special connection. For me, that person is someone I look up to. That person is successful and seems to have everything figured out. I admire that person, but now thinking of it, I never thought that we would be together.

  • Interesting. I'm sure someone out there gets what I'm talking about and the message had meaning for others. BLESSINGS!

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