Sad news

  • I have always wanted to build my own family with the love of my life. Recently, I've been dreaming about giving birth and honestly, I am so thrilled about it even though I am currently unattached. So I asked my cards just for fun if I will have kids with this person I am having interest with and got 6 of wands, 3 of swords and King of pentacles. This can either mean:

    1. Miscarriage
    2. Loveless marriage/relationship (king being there to support the baby only)
    3. Band aid baby

    It's just so sad.

  • Dreams about giving birth will likely be about yourself and your need for a new attitude or direction (rebirth), rather than an actual baby.

  • Dreams of giving birth unless you are pregnant are generally good dreams but are about your progress or your desire for progress. Giving birth is usually a positive dream and validates a positive change in yourself. Write down your dreams as other details can have added meaning. Include how you felt in the dream as often when interpreting dreams the visual is only part of the meaning. How did you feel in the dream? Your card interpretation is not what I see and try and not pull just for fun or out of restlessness. Avoid yes no questions.

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