A reading please!!

  • Me (2nd sep 1992) and him (2nd july 1993)?
    What sort of relationship is seen between us?
    Do we have any chance of getting back together?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • This relationship can have good prospects for marriage, but only if it can survive the trials and tribulations of a love affair. Internally it can struggle with matters of the heart. Though your love affair can be romantic, it can also be very unstable. Only by learning where you two truly stand with each other will the relationship find success. Neither of you individually is likely to be able to guide the relationship to firm ground; you will have to investigate your ideas, feelings, beliefs and tastes in an organized way to learn what you share. This search is unlikely to be intellectual or even conscious; it will arise naturally through your shared experiences. Piece by piece, things will fall into place, and the relationship’s heart centre will unfold. Once (and if) a true communion is established, the two of you can taste success in many areas of your lives. Until then, you will drift uncertainly. There will tend to be a face-off here between your partner’s emotionality and your structure and logic. You can make demands that he finds hard to meet; you also may refuse to recognize the importance of feelings to him, and be resented for it. The need for a solid underpinning is absolutely vital here. Procrastination and doubt can complicate even the simplest of decisions. The directions taken will not always be the best, and it can be months or years before mistakes are detected and corrected. Dramatic changes will be seen, however, if a solid foundation can be established. A rise in both your senses of self-confidence will be especially noticeable since individually and in relationships with others, the two of you can lack either decisiveness or good judgment. The time needed to find common ground is often lacking here however: a long-term commitment is unlikely unless the two of you are put into a situation that forces you into regular contact, allowing the relationship to unfold. So if you are not seeing each other regularly at work or otherwise, the relationship has little hope of either growth or repair.

  • Thank you...

    Umm.. we live in different cities, and belong to different professions. So we cant have that connection anyway. But is there any soulmate connection you see? As somebody told me that yes we are soulmates, but we will have to learn through karmic relationships.

    So was curious to know if that's true.

  • @p21023 not romantic soulmates, but more teaching/learning ones.

  • Can someone explain what a karmic relationship is as I recently came across this termology?
    also what is a teaching/learning soulmate?
    are soulmates not life mates?
    ty for the info

  • @jayann, soulmates can be be anyone who comes into your life to help you learn and grow - romantic partners, family members, friends, pets, even your enemies. Karmic relationships are those continued over from past lifetimes. They often include our family members.

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