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  • I did a reading asking about a potential relationship. I did not give any timeframe. Just asked the potential and got Hierophant, 6 of pentacles and 6 of swords. I immediately noticed that three cards all have three figures each. I somehow thought that there is another person involved. Not necessarily a third-party situation, but can be family or friends who will weigh in on the relationship. My overall interpretation is that this may be an unconventional relationship (different race, beliefs, religion and such). There will be a lot of challenges. The relationship may be balanced or one is giving more than the other. 6oS as the last card makes me think two scenarios: one will choose to move on and never look back or the relationship will push thru troubled waters into calmer ones.

    I am trying to decipher whether the cards are telling me to move on or I will find a new love interest or any other. Can yplou please help?

  • I drew some cards. First, You are already aware of the issues facing this potential relationship. This is what I'm getting in the present positions. You know what works and what does not. What is interesting is that some male figure can present themselves as a love interest but in reality is not--knight of cups in future position and page of cups reversed in outcome. The outcome position for me is what the question is really about. You may pursue it further but the cards say you already know the outcome. I drew the chariot in challenges, 2 of wands rev in blocks, wheel of fortune rev in friends and assoc, and 4 of swords rev in advice. I feel like others or someone has weighed in and you want to see for yourself

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