Is he ever coming back?

  • Hey guys,

    Wondering if an old flame is coming back (someone who has commitment issues and trying to get his shit together). We had very special soulmate connection and both ghosted each other (out I fear I feel). So when I asked if he’s ever coming back, I got the Knight of swords, followed by the Ace of wands and followed by the Page of swords (all upright). I have an idea of my reading, but curious of your thoughts?

  • @lisa_pacifica First, I am sorry that you are hurting. But this man/relationship is not what you think it was. He appears to me as a Shape-Shifter and Trickster which signifies someone who emotionally manipulates in order to serve his own agenda. It is better to go through the process of healing from the heartache than to drag it out by trying to hold on by making excuses for him (afraid of commitment, trying to get his sh*t together, etc.). Fear of commitment does exist, but not as often as we women would like to think. It's a harsh truth but usually it just means they don't want to commit to you - for whatever reason. It is time to build up your own strength. There is someone better out there for you but first you need to get to a place of being happy without someone rather than looking to be happy with someone. This starts with disciplining yourself to replace thoughts of him with something else. Overthinking the situation keeps you in that energy of loss. When you are in the happy energy you will attract a much more suitable mate.

  • If you showed some interest in him (ace of wands) he could show back up interested and willing (page of swords), but he would likely end up acting the same as before — immature and ghosting you (knight of swords).

    I find page/knight “sword men” to often represent objects of our projections. Consider this and don’t romanticize the situation. Stick to the facts. You may want him, but you likely aren’t seeing him for who he really is. Get yourself a King of Cups and let go of this immature loser.