I think that i am being used

  • i met this guy and we have been talking for about a month he is in nigeria on a trip he recently

    came down with malaria and is the hospital there a doctor called me and told me what was

    happening to him and wanted me to send money so she could treat him with the right medication is it me or is something not right with that where i am from a hospital will do everything they are suppose to do to save lives or am i wrong

  • Hello Babnum,

    I had to respond. I'm not sure if this guy is only on a trip in Nigeria or he originates from there. But to me, only the name Nigeria spells scam. I would say follow your instinct...... mostly we already have the answer inside ourselves. And yes... you are correct, people in a medical profession are suppose to save lives.... give the best treatment no matter what. (That's my perception)

    Good luck.

  • Hello, It sounds like a scam to me. They send those emails for money too or that you inherited money. Does not sound right. Be careful and do not trust everyone.

  • Did you by chance meet him online?

    Yes unfortantenaly nigerians are pretty notourious for doing internet scams don't send any money for anything or any one to nigeria, do not give any personal information social, banking ,or pin numbers.

  • This is absolutely 100% a scam do not send a penny. He will take your money and disappear. Google nigeria scams and you will find tons of similar situations.

  • I am feeling inclined to agree with the other people. Like they asked did you meet this man in person or online? Has he been talking about this trip since you have been talking or is this something new? There have been many Nigerian scams and on top of that, why would the hospital call you? Are you his next of kind? Wouldn't they call family first? I don't know how every hospital in other countries work, but if they call again ask to speak with the administrator. Front desk. Ask their policies and why they are calling you. If you feel like you are being scammed, you probably are and if they call again, I would ask them tons of questions to try and trip them up. If they stay consistent, maybe he does need some help, but if the answers don't add up, don't give anything up.

  • as much as compassion is required when relating with all living beings, it is also required not to give more than you are required to. universal health care is only available in most industrialized countries, with the exception of the US as for now. everywhere else I would imagine Nigeria too, does not have it. but even so, hospital regulation will not just send money request to someone who is not a family or not living in the country. and so this man shouldn't have asked you to send him money after a month of knowing each other.

    you said it yourself, you think you are being used. why not listen to it and steer away from this man and communication with him for a few weeks. let's see what happens.

  • Well, I have to ask the question: Has this guy himself told you he is sick, or did a stranger call you and tell you this? Are you having contact with this guy?

    If someone have stolen his bag and then sees your name and phone number, and sees that you live in "Europe" or "America" (to them the white world is all America or Europe) - then they are likely to call you and do all sort of things just to make you send them money. They are ruthless when it comes to getting money from people.

    They take advantage of peoples kindness and laugh of them afterwards. Then they are happy because they have gotten "rich".

    It is important that you talk to this guy yourself. Even if he has malaria, he should be able to talk on phone.

  • BEWARE!!! This is a scam. All sorts of people from Nigeria and the surrounding area are using these types of scams to get people to send them money. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • I think some of us should think before we type and start over generalizing a whole country of people. Thehangedwoman, I don't think Nigerians see America or Europe as a white world but see America especially as a land of prosperity. I know all too well how much we hoard for ourselves in this country so we are no better in many ways than people who scam to receive many times shadily gained money from others. In short, some of these comments are starting to get slightly offensive. If she feels she is being scammed, alright, but every situation is an individual one. She should research it, follow her instincts, and move on from there.

  • I totally agreed with leoscorpion,

    as much as we have to be compassionate to all beings, we have to guard ourselves from being hurt too.

    babnum1, it will be wise to just wait and observe a little while before you do anything.

    there are loophole here..like hospital calling you instead of his family. Kinda weird!

    so, do wait awhile to determine whether its reall or scam.....somehow, my feeling tells me that its a scam actually. Its might be good that you follow your instinct too....

    Take great care k.

  • Well lets do the math. He's talking to 10 or maybe more people then you!

    Easy way to rack in the dough, don't you think?

    I work in a world of "Can you carry me until the next time"?

    I go to work everyday whether I like it or not, I ask nothing of anyone and if I can't buy it on my own, I do without. Health care cannot be denied regardless of status or income. Perhaps Nigeria has a different set of ethics, but that is NOT your problem.

  • This for sure a scam. I see this everyday, trust me you do nit want to send this person any money. THIS HAS SCAM WRITTEN ALL OVER IT

  • Me and my boyfriend been together for 13 months now and he's 19 and im 17 yrs old.

    In about 2 months his family is planning on moving to Florida and we live in chicago.

    He asked me to go with him but im really confused.

    I wanted to know if its a good idea to move out there with him.?

  • Hey Vanessa, how are you? I saw your question. I know it is tough sometimes to make big choices like that. Though some may say you are too young, I know at 17 I was making pretty big decisions for myself as well. Instead of saying whether it is a good idea or not, I would just like to give you some questions to think about. How strong do you feel your relationship with your boyfriend is? Do you feel it could withstand the adjustments it will take to a new location, new friends, new people in both your lives? Will his family be supportive of you both? Is your family supportive of the move? Will they help you out if you want to move back home? Will you feel lost without them being so far? You have a way to make some kind of income, even small, so you don't have to depend on him or his family if you ever want to leave? I guess these are just some things you need to think about. When you do, you will know what choice is best for you. Just remember to think for you and only you, do what you think is best for your happiness and life. Don't try to just please anyone be it your boyfriend, your family, his family, your friends. Do what you feel in your heart is the best choice for you. I hope this helps 😃

    Universal Harmony

  • Thank you. Ive been thinking so much about it. and still have no idea what to do.

    I Know that his family will help us out and me also.

    I just want to make a decision that is right for me.

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