Taking a request for one psychic session

  • Hello anything you get from me ? Wondering if Steve ( Jeffery ) II has anything to tell me . Or maybe anything from Mary Evelyn

  • @daliolite When I first started working on this, was picking-up the outdoors a lot. A sunset or a sunrise is being brought forth. Could actually be a picture. A helping hand reaching-out. I haven't picked up on the murder until you mentioned doesn't necessarily mean I wasn't going to. Was she murdered by a gun and in pretty close range to the upper body.

  • @daliolite read your reply to my post on the other thread. I think it's accurate. Asking if he likes me would be stating the obvious. I have a tendency to do that.

  • @daliolite

    no gun ....knife ...lots of stab wounds. Incident happened late at night and into early morning... am assuming most of the "people around" were at sunrise. A helping hand could have been a favorite uncle who was there to help and call the relatives.

    I am convinced you are in contact ... and thank-you. I was only 3 yrs old so don't remember her although I have a picture and my older sisters tell me about her.

  • Hello @Daliolite anything you get from me ? Wondering if Steve ( Jeffery ) II has anything to tell me . Or maybe anything from Mary Evelyn .

    Thank you love and light

  • @badgerwoman Yes, got the all in blood picture this morning. Terrible. Yes, she's here but messages are slow in coming. Am still working on this.

  • @jodomi Jodomi, Have a couple ahead. Will get to yours.

  • @daliolite

    this is good enough .... you can work on it more if you like ...later. You have others waiting and I don't want to be a piggy. I am pleased with your work and kindness. Thank you my friend.

  • @badgerwoman Oh, you're welcome! I read your post about Aquarius. I'm Aquarius. I'm really surprised that he's attracted to me as I usually repel my own sign--don't get along that well. I've found other fellow Aquarius' tend to negatively judge me. I don't have a lot of Aquarius friends but the ones I've been around do that. Watergirl is aquarius and I think we trine but other than that...don't know. Sexuality is a subject that's different for everyone. I appreciate what Captain said about letting him prove himself. But really you have to be friends or have common ground. Before I knew what was happening, it happened. I guess you can say I was bit by the love bug. Anyway, that sounds real corny. I've dealt with bf's changing and it's really their true selves. Nothing to get excited about. Just wasted time esp if your heart was in it. But somehow we really knew what was happening all along. I wish you well and hope I can call you friend....love

  • @daliolite jodomi, will get to yours, will have to check back frequently as I tend to get impatient if I have to wait very long

  • @badgerwoman Carrie and Hollace will work on now so plz check back a day or so from today

  • @daliolite im ready whenever you are take your time !

  • @daliolite

    no problem ... you can work on daliotite first if you want to ... I am in no hurry.

  • @badgerwoman Badgerwoman, I've started Carrie and Hollace. I feel both passed although unclear if they were together. I'm getting someone found on the ground face down. I keep getting something w/the feet and it feels like they were caught off-guard to a certain degree. One of the two is younger some child symbolism being shown. Two bird symbols which are my ascension/passing symbols. One being like a spring chick which made me think of a child, could also be referring to a season--like spring. Still working on this.

  • will get some answers for you shortly .... but for now, yes- mother and son. Both passed sometime ago, separately. Linda loved these two very, very much ...they were special to her.

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  • @badgerwoman wanted to mention that a possibility for the bite that I mentioned for you was the man who stabbed your mom. Think he may have bite her.

  • betty .....you spoke about the bite ....you thought it could be the man ....he was my dad. I am wondering if it was my mom biting him in self defense. An interesting thought.

    Hollace and carrie ..... Linda's father and grandma. Nothing with them has to do with face down or feet ....BUT Linda thinks your picking up on a very tragic death of her son-in-law a few years ago. He could have been face down when his daughter came to check on him and found him dead in his own home, in arizona heat for a week. The feet ....she could have stumbled over something, or almost fell from the shock of finding him this way. Don't know if we dare ask her and bring up bad memories and pain....but think this is our answer.

    You have SUCH a special gift my friend ...it is an honor to know you.

  • @badgerwoman You don't have to ask. Spirit just shows me the manner in which they were found and to tell you the truth it's just to validate the manner in which. The feet are the person who was found. I think there was a lot going on the night your mom was killed. Again, spirit shows manner in which to me. I saw several symbols of bites and what could also be interpreted as her being bound (gagged.) I think she was "held" as a prisoner, hostage, etc. I'll continue to see if I'm given anything else.

  • @badgerwoman I need to get this out. Few days ago, while working on your mom saw outline of woman sitting on knees, all red, kitchen area of my house. Did you use a knife from kitchen. She was in a submissive posture.

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