Taking a request for one psychic session

  • @daliolite Sure. I log in everyday 🙂

  • @daliolite haven't forgotten you will be back

  • @daliolite Thanks Daliolite.

  • @hopeless If you don't mind me asking, are you male or female

  • @daliolite Male. 24 years old. Born on December 31st 1994 at 22:48 (10:48 PM). I live in India. Please feel free to ask me anything.

  • @hopeless Are there any physical limitations w/you. When I read your screen name you're telling me you're hopeless. So, wondering if there are any physical limitations. Any inability to pro-create or lost a child. I just want to get this out of the way.

  • @daliolite Ok, I'll start. have a lot on my plate today. When I read your name and post I think to myself... I work around what others would consider the lost and hopeless. Paraplegics, quadraplegics, disabled, heart disease, etc. They complain about the environment but not so much giving up or hopelessness. So, it made me ask the question...what is hopelessness. For me, it would be the feeling of being unloved. And sometimes that's a feeling, not reality. So, hopelessness can be a very strong circumstance to be in. I don't predict the future. My readings, thru tarot, are indicators of the present. What's going on. You are still young and your reading is pointing to this. It's like WORDS control you right now. You reached-out, I believe, because the present is painful, right now.
    You've taken a new path, new road. Your young on your journey. Don't let words interfere with your path. There are two figures male/female that aren't particularly supportive. Living up to others expectations. I feel like your path may not be in-line with others. Your reading is talking about rising-up from being knocked-down. Finances aren't the best. The expectation may be higher than reality--8 of wands rev situation w/ knight of pents rev in advice w/ nine of cups in blocks. Who is blocking your dreams. Don't let negativity get the better of you. Have others called it quits or have you. It's ok not to have it all right now. If you feel the need for a miracle, pray about it. I do. 4 of swords in rev in outcome. Outcome for me is what the real question is. Is something that makes you feel bad going to relinquish. Perhaps a different plan. Get the plan together again. After that rest, rethink.

  • @daliolite ps--I think you don't have a support network around you. Reaching-out to me is ok and will try and help.

  • @daliolite Hi Daliolite. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. Was dealing with technical difficulties with my internet.

    You are extremely accurate. Ever since finishing high school in 2013, absolutely nothing has gone my way. I am stuck. Life is stagnant. I've given up all hope. I do have an inability to procreate (erectile dysfunctional problems) because of an accident in school. I also lost my voice right when I was interested in becoming a singer And also suffer from partial hearing loss in one of my ears.I can only partially make use of my voice. I'm also obese.

    Its like the universe specifically hates me.

    I hate everything about myself and my life. I wish I was someone else with a different life and a different everything..

    The two figures, male and female that aren't supportive are my parents. They do everything they can to make my life even worse. Just earlier this week I was in a situation with them where I had to go the hospital and get the police involved. They are the worst people ever.

    You are 100% right when you said that my expectations are higher than reality. I can't even tell you what it is because its that ridiculous. I want something miraculous and unrealistic to happen to me and come save me from this miserable life I'm living.

    I am hopeless because there is absolutely nothing I can do to be happy because my wants are unrealistic.. There's nothing going my way either. I have nothing to look forward to in my life. I wake up, spend time on the internet and go to bed.

    I also don't have a single friend. I'm all alone in this world.

    Can you tell me anything about my future? I don't know what to expect from this life at all...

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  • @hopeless ok, being around others, perhaps in your same situation would be beneficial. Being around others sometimes gets our minds off of "me." I'm not saying that you haven't suffered. I'm wondering if you can google support groups in your area. I'm also wondering if volunteer work might help. I believe you are young at heart although your circumstances have made you perhaps feel older or depressed you. When I was talking about expectations or career path, you need to follow what you want to do. Twins are something I pick-up on as well as a bunch of others things. Can you relate to twins in your family. I don't think this is something specific to your situation but had to get that out there. I also feel like you need to get around others YOUR AGE. Extend a hand to someone, go sit down and talk to someone. Some of the practices, routines have to be reversed. If nothing else, for your mental health. Bad things actually happen to everyone and I was SERIOUS when I said to PRAY. Sometimes prayer is the only thing that works for me. I'm 59 and it just about took me that long to realize that Yahweh is with me, always. I don't know what faith, religion you are. There are amazing promises attached to those that pray. I pray the rosary. When I feel down, my sister tells me...you aren't the only one who feels or this has happened to. Good advice. I believe that we need to look forward to the future. The past is past. Learn the lesson. Look forward to creating something different. You have that spark--Sun in past position, 6 of cups in foundation.

  • @daliolite I have this hanging on my wall--What you think, you become. What you imagine, you create.

  • @daliolite This is one of my sayings...Not all gifts are enclosed in perfect packages.

  • @daliolite Hi Daliolite. I'm sorry again for the late response. Bad internet connection.

    I was also thinking of what to really say....

    Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it a lot.

    I do try everything to feel better. I've never thought about prayer. I lost all hope and even sort of blame god for all my suffering.

    I will take your word and start praying for a miracle.

    Thanks for caring....

  • @hopeless Anytime

  • @daliolite
    Hi, How are you doing?
    I was wondering if you can have a look at my mother
    The information I have discovered says that she died on the 05/08/12.
    We were not talking and did not get on.
    She died six months after my aunt Coral.
    Please only do it if you have the time and want to ty.

  • @jayann I'll try. You need to check back day or so.

  • @jayann What was mom's first name

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