Taking a request for one psychic session

  • @daliolite Going to let you know what I'm picking-up on so far. Not done w/all of this. When I first started there was a spirit here that wanted it's presence known. Usually I get a lot of symbolism but this is a spirit. It's ok because no evil can get to me. It's a presence not really sure if this spirit is evil. Could it be that someone passed in a house and was moved. I keep getting a house. Feel like house is somewhat secluded. Something falling towards me--don't know what this is. There is also a man of color. Appears to be black that knows something, saw something. Whether he was an active player, don't know. This man knows what happened. Water keeps coming up. Maybe something being washed-up or evidence being erased. I'm very drawn to an image of a mother and a child. Mother and child embracing. Got my symbol for evil, vengeance possibly. Symbolism that shows an angel was there and also Jesus. As I'm writing this, seeing an image of a crucified Christ. Not done yet.

  • @daliolite ps--I think someone may have passed in a house and I also believe evidence was erased by means of water/shower, etc.

  • @daliolite Trees figure predominantly. Trees are my symbol for family. It appears they passed together. But I don't think it was the pretense that may be implied. If that makes sense.

  • @daliolite I can relate to alot if what you are seeing. This means more than you can know , especially right now. You have an amazing ability and thank you for sharing it with me now.

  • @justneedanswers w/o disclosing a lot of info, is there a question that you wanted to ask.

  • @hobbles76 ok, waiting on jna but will start the legal reading thinking about the question and how I will frame it

  • @daliolite Also, jna, getting my symbol for an upcoming BD and I feel it is one of the women who passed. A summer BD.

  • @daliolite

    Thank you so much!
    There seems to be a lot of change and I am so done with ex and his family! I just want to be done with it all!

  • @daliolite I wanted to ask if one or all are ever around. Sometimes I feel like I can feel one of them here..... And the anniversary of the passing of 2 of them are coming up. One in May and the other in July.

  • @justneedanswers Did either of the women have a bd this summer, if not there's a presence of a woman. Maybe it's the anniversary but wanted to ask if one of the girls had a bd. Also, can you disclose any info now. I'd like to see how I did in regards to the reading. You said you could relate...

  • @hobbles76 Wanted to let you know that I drew some cards for you couple days ago. Will post wed.

  • @daliolite
    Thank you!

  • @hobbles76 Have you been thinking about taking off and starting over somewhere regardless of the outcome of this divorce.

  • @daliolite I think some of the stalling is from his family. They are putting their money up but want to hold onto it as well. I think this will be a no-win for all--3 of swords in friends/assoc. Also, there is totally lack of coming together in agreement--2 of cups rev in blocks, fool in future, 3 of swords paired. Temperance rev in advice. You're out of patience and probably everyone else. My impression is that their money is the root of this problem. This reading doesn't deviate from what I told you before. Emotions are drained. Knight of swords is crowning the present. Usually this is news coming, a lot of the time unexpected. I think other party is getting unexpected financial news/big bill--knight of swords paired w/10 of coins paired w/ 4 of coins in foundation. A challenge for the other party is for your side to hang onto what you want/need--9 of wands in situation, 8 of cups rev in challenges. They are asking themselves if they want to continue financially. High Priestess is rev in outcome. This is you contemplating being more vocal. This is what your question is about. Remember, readings are just indicators--I wouldn't live my life my them. You can be vocal but not emotional. You want to be the queen of swords, looking out for your benefit. You've made inroads--knight of wands past, 9 of wands sit. I draw the fool a lot of people starting over, different location, new house. Make sure you're protected in all of this.
    past knight of wands
    situation 9 of wands
    present 10 of coins
    crowning knight of swords (unexpected news prob on his side)
    foundation 4 of coins
    challenges 8 of cups rev
    future fool
    blocks 2 of cups rev
    friends/assoc 3 of swords
    advice temperance rev
    outcome high priestess rev

  • @daliolite
    Thank you for the reading. I understand the whole his family trying to pay to wreck me and him going back and forth with if they are willing to pay for it or not...
    I need to move closer to my school that I work at for my kids, I just found out today that he is also moving closer to my school.. I’m very frustrated as he said he hated that area in the past but now is doing it anyway... I know he has said he didn’t want to live with him mom before, but now he’s going to... I don’t really see that working out too well, but there is nothing I can do about it all. I pray for his two sons, and I pray that they all leave me alone. I really want my lawyer to do more. I feel like they have kind of put me on the back burner a lot, but I am wondering if I should or should not go to court on the 20th as I won’t be allowed to talk. I do however have a really important day for my students that day as well, and feel like it is super important for me to be there for them.

  • @daliolite
    I just saw this question. Yes, I really have thought of it. In a sense I already am. I have resolved to the fact that we may just lose the house because I feel like no matter what I offer, they won’t agree. I just want to be done with all of them! I want MY kids to be safe and enjoy life!

  • @saskmomma79 was going to do a reading are you still here

  • @jana-star Jana Star, Are you still here can start

  • @daliolite saskmomma and jana star---ready

  • @daliolite

    Yes I am

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