Taking a request for one psychic session

  • Hi there my name is Jana can I have a reading please?

    Can you focus on love please.

    There is someone in and out my life called Prakash(Kash).

    I just want to know what comes through.

    Thank you

  • @daliolite
    The best outcome is that you've made a decision, you no longer have blinders on. You've been bound by this marriage. It was a waiting game in the past. Promises turned out to be skeletons in the closet. Didn't accomplish much. What can you believe? You overturned this. Did his parents contribute.
    Yes, his mom and his step mom were both severely abusive and hateful towards me.

    I feel they'll stop. Finances on his end stopping. I feel he may not step up to the plate.
    Do you mean he won’t be helping with bills that he’s supposed to pay (for his van and insurance)?

    His dad, and brother I believe have been financially helping push the divorce.

    You held on for the kids--is this correct.
    Yes, he had two boys before we got together, but they were not my bio kids, I still loved them and treated them as such... I split when the older one of his bio had drug issues.

    An offer of love. Don't know who this is but wondering if it's the ex re-presenting himself (again.)
    A man at work has been interested in me, he is nice, but I think I’m too busy and scared to involve in anything anytime soon. Just a good friend I believe, not sure, any advice on that. 🙂

    Chariot rev in future makes me feel like the legal stuff will not move as quickly as possible.
    His lawyer is dragging her feet and seems to be trying to push me over the edge... I just want this all done soon.

    Stand-up for your rights. Queen of swords rev in friends and assoc has me worried. Paired w/ace of pents rev makes me feel like there will be legal fees.

    Yes, I am paying for my lawyer and the other side wants me to pay his lawyer fees and spousal support. I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible.

    Maybe based on the other side's opposition. Important to stand up for your rights (again.)
    I’m trying to continue to stand up for my rights.

    You've made a choice based on your mental health. Something you've had to do based on a lot of trail and error.
    Yes, I’m trying to do the best I can for me to stay safe and sane for my two bio kids (not his).

    I feel like you have kids and have to take that into consideration in a lot of this.
    Yes, I have two boys of my own, and they are my highest priority in all of this, and all other situations.

    Is the opposing party more his family than him.
    Yes, I believe it is definitely them pushing for the fight more than him... they have always been hateful towards me.

    His family has to take responsibility for him.
    He is quadriplegic so they actually physically have to take responsibility for him now... and do their job that they are paid to do...

    If this isn't correct than something along those lines. You need to move forward. It is what it is. You've made progress. The biggest being making a decision for your own sanity--7 of cups rev in past.

    Yes, I am moving forward, my kids are safe and healthy and will be so much happier soon. I am so thankful for that. 🙂 we have so much change coming right now, it’s a little scary, but also exciting in a good way! 🙂

    Thank you so much for the reading.
    Do you think the divorce will be completed by the end of summer? Before the new school year? I really hope for that. 🙂


  • @hobbles76 I'm concerned with queen of swords rev in friends and assoc. How do you feel about your attorney. I feel like something isn't moving forward for your best interests.

  • @justneedanswers ok, thanks for the answers. I'll comment tomorrow on this. It's late here and have had a trying day on more than one level and channeling for me takes peace and meditation. I'm still working on this.

  • @daliolite

    I have been feeling like I am on the back burner for a while. Like I am definitely not the number one priority. They have a lot of clients I’m sure, but it feels like they are taking there sweet time sometimes. I recently told them that I just want this over with... is it possible that they are dragging it out to get more money from me? I know my ex’s attorney is well known for that tactic.

  • @daliolite
    Or could it be that I just need to be calling and bugging them more about stuff? So they get on the ball more?

  • @hobbles76 I think you need a reading on this legal process

  • @daliolite
    I hate to impose, but could you do that? Or do you mean a different kind of reading?
    I would just like to know how to love it along faster please.

  • @hobbles76 Yes, let me finish jna's tho

  • @jana-star Yes, check back daily to see where I'm at

  • @hobbles76 Wanted to make this commnet--I wouldn't call to bug. Would get more proactive though. Look at the financial aspects of this. Would be better if an agreement could be reached instead of hashing out in court. You want what's best, not what's fastest. Can you ask for an update. I'm concerned that you want to rush it thru and may not know what's going on. I'll do a reading but in the process of jna. Check back daily.

  • @daliolite
    Thank you

  • @daliolite Thank you,I really appreciate your time and effort so please, take all the time you need. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was being pushy, wasn't my intention.

  • @justneedanswers Thanks for that!

  • @justneedanswers Yes or no, did something tragic occur

  • @daliolite

    Ok I will keep checking

    Thank you

  • @daliolite
    I do understand what’s best not fastest part. I feel like both lawyers are just trying to get more money from both of us. I don’t know if the lawyer, or his family is pushing more on this evilness. I am frustrated and jut want this over with to move on with the rest of my life. I wonder if I just sign the assets over to him if they would leave me alone? Any easy solution for this mess?
    I know you have a little before you can get back to me. I am just confused and really feel as if I’m out of the loop most days.

  • @hobbles76 understand.

  • @justneedanswers ok, that helps me out. Know I'm on the right track.

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