Taking a request for one psychic session

  • @jodomi jodomi I'm finishing Watergirl's. I have Mia next then yours so please check back.

  • Mia are you still w/us as I'm ready to start yours. Will start soon and post.

  • Mia can you restate your question plz. I don't know how to go back to the first page.

  • ok I see it. You want me to try to connect with your Dad George. Ok.

  • Heyy are you still taking a question?
    I have one for my paternal grandmother, her name SITA.
    Anything you pick up about her...

  • @daliolite
    No worries. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Yes, George is my dad or my cousin Oscar-which ever one comes through. Just wondering if either one has a message for me? Thank you!!! Many blessings....

  • 21023 will get to yours

  • Mia, Want to say that I feel someone was religious or liked to do things a certain way. They want you to follow thru on the ways you were taught. I want to mention going to church. Someone is saying "puppy love". The roof of a house is being brought forth. Don't know if someone fell, was recently working on one, was in construction. I have felt as though I'm above everything else. Something that involved being physically higher up. Could very well be an airplane. Green butterflies! Then I was very attracted to the color green. This has happened before and the person loved to work outdoors. Strong attraction to the color green. A small dog chicquaqua or terrier. Someone in sports--are you in Michigan. I'm throwing out what I get and hope you can relate. I don't feel as though your dad has left yet.

  • @daliolite

    Thank you SO much. My dad passed away 6 years ago. Do spirits linger around that long? Yes, my dad was religious and he worked in the airline industry. Perhaps that is the reference to an airplane? I can totally see him wanting me to attend church. He was also very handy around the house prior to his illness. Not sure about the roof or construction? I live on the West Coast not in Michigan. I got goosebumps when I read your reference to a terrier. My family has always had terriers. Wow!!! Thank you again. It really means a lot. Continue helping others.... I see that you have a gift.

    P.S. Any message with regards to my friend?

  • @daliolite okay.. thank you 🙂

  • @mia Not quite done w/all of yours but will let you know when I'm close to that point.

  • @daliolite was your dad into hockey--or someone else

  • @daliolite

    No, no one in the family was into hockey. My Dad was really not into sports. Thank you again for taking the time to “talk” to my father. 😊

  • @mia ok, so I was attracted to red wings so I took it quite literal or maybe you know the meaning of red wings. I do readings (tarot) on the love interest and it'd be geared towards you, not him. When I channel a spirit it's usually someone who's crossed over. And then I'll get impressions. I don't channel the living. I'm not done w/your father as I'm waiting for more answers so bear w/me.

  • @daliolite

    Red wings? The airline’s logo that my dad worked for was red??

  • @daliolite Good Morning 🙂
    My father's side of the family is all Italian, but my mother's side is from a country that does not exist any longer - immigration records show them claiming Austria as their country later on. Maybe that is where the Russian hat came from. My maternal grandfather is passed but I did know him - he lived a long life. Sometimes I think he sends me messages as well (in my dreams).

  • @mia what's the logo

  • @daliolite He has that protective nature w/you. He's gonna squawk if you fall. I got the indication I was waiting for...yes, he's ascended but still watches over you. I'm shown a blue bird with a purple heart that beats. I think I'm nearing the end unless there's something significant I feel I need to mention.

  • @daliolite

    Thank you!! I feel he does watch over me. I once had an incredibly vivid dream with him where I could physically feel his hug afterwards. It was BEYOND surreal. It was a time when I was stressed at work. I so needed that hug and I knew then he watches over me.

    FYI-Look up Continental Airlines and you’ll see the old, red logo.

  • @mia Yes, I'm seeing two older logos in red so that's prob validation that it's him which is cool. ok so for now I'm done unless there's anything else today. I haven't done this before but is there a question that you had for him. I know you want to know if he's present and yes he is.

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