Taking a request for one psychic session

  • @jodomi These people have passed--right

  • @badgerwoman yes to what the flood. I've started on jodomis. did you read previous

  • @daliolite

    yes to question these people have passed. nothing with the flood.

  • @badgerwoman ok, was working on jodomi's. I have finished yours and Linda's. Just don't get a lot of ah-hah moments w/Linda's to make me feel secure in proceeding. Some of my problem is that I had surgery last tues and in love at the moment.

  • I wonder about my mother Saundra

  • hey girl friend....this is no problem. You can take all the time you need. I truly am in no hurry.
    Maybe the departed do not have much to say. The female was a minister and very devout.
    The man was in the army awhile ...when he got out he did a lot of mechanical work on vehicles and also sewed large tarps and canvas items for the military and local businesses.
    If they do not want to talk there is nothing we can do. I'm sure a rest would be good for you.
    And having time with your sweetie would be nice as well.

  • @daliolite yes they have

  • @daliolite

    ok --- there was a flood....all paperwork was destroyed, which meant he lost his birth certificate.. Back then all records were kept at the churches. And yes, there was a terrible incident that caused a lot of pain and arguments ....years later there was forgiveness and communication.

  • @daliolite yes they have both passed, thank you

  • @badgerwoman ok, ty. and that was for linda. I am starting jodomi's because some of hers I think is overlapping. Will stay in communication w/you.

  • @jodomi

    your yearly reading ....2018 -2019

    This year will bring you into direct contact with others as a means of achieving your own goals and ambitions. Consider this a year of partnerships on many levels, but especially in work. Cooperation requires compromise and sometimes sacrifice, especially if the end result is important. This may mark a year when you learn important lessons about cooperation or a year that you begin working in partnership for the first time in a big way.

    Also: you are developing mental strength and the power to have success in your work. Especially with teaching, publishing, or any communication fields. There are some changes necessary if you are to end this year with the success and perhaps authority you deserve.

    I attain inner and outer prosperity this year. I attain spiritual mastery over my financial condition. Change your attitude and expect the best. You will not be disappointed. Transformation of your values.

    Year broken down:

    Mer sep 9 - oct 30 sudden changes to finances or work , short business trips, sudden or unexpected illness or difficulties at work or school, car accident, unexpectedly fired from job, sharing or learning spiritual knowledge. SLOW DOWN and take things at a safe pace until this period is over.

    Ven oct 31- dec 21 trip away from loved ones. A quick return on investment, a sudden desire for money. Is divorce card.

    Mars dec 22- feb 12 Aggressive selling or putting good business ideas to work,. An attorney, or accountant or finance advisor or competitor. You may meet such a man and have affection or desire for him. Money lost in legal or tax matter, or related to some man.
    Money lost in an argument or aggressive speculation.

    Jup feb 13- apr 5 Benefits in love and money come through stability and "sticking to it". You could lose money and peace of mind if you are holding on to some expectation of how things should go. Be more giving and spiritual.

    Sat apr 6- may 17 You will be facing the effects of your own negative attitude and beliefs.
    May involve ill health, scandal or backbiting. You feel trapped in an unpleasant and very challenging situation. This is the result of past actions. The time is now to clean things up and make changes that will have long lasting beneficial effects on your life. A positive attitude, patience, and mental discipline are a MUST at this time, It is the only solution.
    Honest self-confrontation can help eliminate negative thought patterns.

    Ura may 28- july 18 An unexpected or unusual romantic involvement or situation with friends. Also unexpected theft or dishonesty from others or a young man, dishonesty in a real estate transaction, creative ideas are flowing and can be used for worthwhile projects.

    Nep july 19- sep 8 Satisfaction related to travel, foreign work or business, or inner development.

  • @daliolite

    okey dokey .... take your time and don't stress.

  • @badgerwoman is this my reading from last year until this September 8th? It sounds like some of what I’ve already experienced! Thank you! Love and light

  • @jodomi Letting you know I've been busy and will let you know...

  • @daliolite johnnyjump, will help w/yours. things seem to be slow in coming be sure to check back am on jodomis now

  • @jodomi Steven Jeffery is one person correct and the girl is the other so there's two that you're asking about correct

  • @daliolite yes two people , thank you

  • @jodomi

    yes.... can do one for the following if you like as well

  • will work on it

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