Taking a request for one psychic session

  • I connect w/ones who have departed. I don't need any info just your question. I also need a first name. For example, you could ask whatever you can pick-up regarding John.

  • @daliolite Hi Dal! How about anything you pick up from my friend Jamie? She passed many years ago. Best friend from college 😊

  • This post is deleted!

  • Watergirl18, Yes, I'll start today, give me a couple days.

  • Thank you for your offer. Do you pick up anything for me? My dad passed away a couple of years ago and his name was George. I feel he watches over me. Any messages from him?

  • @watergirl18
    Ok, so I'm getting several things and they may be from different people. The first that came to me was cancer and it seems that someone passed close to a birthday or special occasion. Someone was either a twin or had twins in their family, one of these twins was different meaning they could have passed. A group or event is being shown. Also, somewhere in the mix someone had a horrific death or an accident. Getting several images pertaining to this. Because I don't talk w/those that have gone over I can only tell you what I'm shown. This horrific death feels at times like it involved the water. Someone like a grandparent is being shown with grey hair. The grandparent is a woman. She is looking at a dark cloaked figure. I feel like someone got away with something. Someone may have lived with a grandparent. Perhaps you can relate. I'm not quite done yet.

  • @mia Mia, So, what happened w/him. I'll try to help you after Watergirl responds.

  • @daliolite

    Thank you. Not sure he got the message, but I took a risk. All a learning experience.... 😊

  • @daliolite oh wow! Lets see...most people in my family that have passed have had cancer. Except for 2 or 3 all before I was old enough to remember them so not sure about the birthday or special occasion. My friend Jamie did die tragically. Hit by a car while riding her bike to work. She was in a coma for a while then hospice. I am friends with a twin and although identical in looks they couldn’t be more different. Both are alive but one had surgery yesterday (cosmetic) and the other (my friend) has rotator cuff surgery in 2 weeks. All grandparents have passed. My paternal grandmother died (from cancer) when I was in my 20’s.

  • ok, I'm not quite thru. I'm scatter-brained and did get the travel/car accident. It felt like something happened as someone was turning a curve. For some reason I was also getting dentures or teeth, felt like there was trauma to the head. So, I'll keep on and ask for a message for you..love

  • @daliolite Yes she was making a left turn - an oncoming car hit her. Closed head injury.

  • @watergirl18 I'm still not finished but have to mention a red rose because this has been coming up quite a bit. I will get back w/you on the rest.

  • Also, somewhere in the mix and I feel like it was the oncoming or other person there was either something wrong w/the car or it had been worked on. Something wasn't quite right in that regard. tools--was everything legal with the other car.

  • @daliolite Hi and Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    The person who hit her was elderly (not sure exactly how old as when you are in your 20's elderly can mean 50, haha!). I believe he claimed he did not see her. I remember getting her bike back afterwards and it was literally in a donut shape. Her clothes I don't believe had any tire marks so I think she hit the windshield and went over the car and then landed on the pavement. It was so long ago I don't even remember if she had the green light or he did, but it would seem odd to make a left turn on a bicycle with a red light! I did not focus on the "how" it happened at the time, just that it happened and it was a tragedy. She was my best friend and soul mate.

    I'm curious about the red rose as she usually sends me white ones 😍
    I have been feeling a spiritual push to put myself out in the dating world so she may be chiming in, haha!

  • @watergirl18 ok, will concentrate tomorrow and let you know. I'm just drawn to roses with her. Thought there might be something in regard to that.

  • @daliolite That very well could be. I have some over lapping images. I have a grandparent woman who I believe had someone sick. Probably a hospital stay. Kinda feels like someone was estranged probably early on. It's like she's wondering what happened. If you can relate. Actually both images are shown as a hospital stay or requiring one. Jaime ascended. She's in heaven and free. I got the message "ola." Did she speak Spanish and can you relate. There are also animals in regards to her although I don't know the meaning. I feel like she was a free spirit. Also, someone in your family that sends love. This person had a definite pair of glasses. That's it and hope you can relate. Strong indication that Jaime watches over you.

  • also shown that she hit the pavement.

  • @daliolite Hi 🙂 My paternal grandmother had cancer and was in hospice before she departed. We were not that close - she favored my eldest sister, then my middle sister and I was pretty much the throw away. She would come to the house with presents for them and nothing for me. I remember my mother making her leave and not coming back until she had something for me. She left all her jewelry to the eldest - very large diamond ring, etc. There was another large diamond that my mother told her would be split into three stones (one for each of us) and my grandmother pawned it instead. My maternal grandmother died before I was born.
    Yes, I'm quite sure Jamie has ascended 🙂 She did take Spanish and spent her sophomore year of college in Spain 🙂 She was a free spirit and in the past I often felt like it should have been me instead of her as she was so full of life.
    Not sure about the glasses - I think everyone in my family has worn them after a certain age, haha!

  • Watergirl, Don't know if you recall this but I saw two kissing fish. You know those fish that lock lips. I'm also seeing a man hug a woman. The man has one of those big furry hats like you see the Russians wear. Jaime's spirit is lite and free and at times funny so it's kinda hard. I see things here and there. Your grandma was sick is the message that spirit is conveying. I've heard that back in the day eldest children were favored. Kinda like a hierarchy but she had other issues. I hope this is helpful and let me know about this other stuff if you can relate.

  • Hello dear, my dad passed away many years ago when I was still young , but I just want to know what he is saying if anything at all about things that have happened in my life and if he has any messages for me, his name is Stephen (goes by Steve ) , thank you so much if you can receive anything , love and light xx

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