Is he coming back?

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  • @lisa_pacifica I can tell that you think the cards point to a return, but that is not what they are saying to me. Having all reversed cards points to your mental/emotional state and Spirit trying to get your attention. The 10 of Pents reversed would suggest "No, this is not the union for you". The 9 of Pents depicts a single woman, alone, enjoying the abundance she has built for herself. Reversed, it suggests that this is an issue for you. The 6 of Swords is about moving on and letting go of a difficult situation for you. Once again, reversed suggests you are doing just the opposite. This relationship was a teaching moment for you in your spiritual path. A lesson that most women have to go through regarding self-respect, empowerment, and being our own "Queen" of our lives without needing a King to complete us or make us feel whole.

    Mercury Retrograde does signify a return of relationships, but more often it is a return of relationship issues that need to be resolved rather than the actual person returning. Sometimes the person does physically return, but once again, only to present the issue to us again in order to work though it and move on. Think back to what you had with this man and look at it through the eyes of your best friends. What would they say? How much of your personal identity did you relinquish in order to be in this relationship? Were your needs met? Is there an addictive pattern you need to confront? How much of this relationship was NEED - then and now?

    It is a also a pattern of women to become attached to the idea of a "soulmate connection". Soulmate does not mean the ONE person you live with happily ever after. A soulmate can be anyone - friend, teacher, lover, parent, boss, etc. The connection you felt was because he was there as a soul mate to teach you this very lesson and then move on.