Where the relationship is headed

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  • The answer you got was not a reveal about this man and his love interest. The message was for the person inquiring about this man. It is not my intention to insult you so please consider that card reading is not a magic eight ball where we just ask any question and get a direct answer. Card reading is a at it's best a message from Spirit. It is our guides and Angels intention to give us guidance that best encourages our growth on a spiritual path. Card readings alone will give us warnings and redirection and encouragements as needed but rarely give predictions that would interfere with our own lesson needs. When you ask about another person when choosing cards you are most likely to get advice for how you should be reacting. Spirit would advise you your best course of handling your part in the situation. When worried about loved ones unnecessarily, cards may encourage you to relax and be reassured things are in God's hands or that whatever is going on with your loved one is part of their growth and you may be advised to concentrate on your own challenges or goals. Reading cards depends a lot on EGO needs. Interpretation can be tainted by any attachment to a desired result. It's obvious there is a hope this relationship fails. Try pulling cards with the question being restated directly towards the person curious about this couple. If it's you, you can ask spirit what is their best advice for you regarding how to deal with this uncertainty. If you are pulling cards for another your question will best be answered if you ask the question similarly for that person. What is the best advice for this person as far as their role in this other relationship? BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon thanks for a very insightful feedback! You are giving me goosebumps, really!

  • @raspberrygirl
    Thank you for the positive feed back! I am grateful that you had an open mind to my suggestion and were not offended! In that state of mind you definitely have the right intention for doing readings for others. It is a challenge to hear a message despite any expectations or logic. BLESSINGS!

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