The Best Tarot Cards for Reconciliation...

  • It's often through the relationships in your life -- friendships, family, work alliances, love partnerships -- that you learn the most about yourself. One-on-one relationships with others can bring you joy, support, belonging ... but when something's wrong in one of these relationships, it can be devastating to your life and spirit. Whether it's a temporary spat or a major breakup, feelings of confusion, separation, loneliness, or frustration can take over, and close you off to the good things in your life. But they don't have to! You have the power to change your situation.

    There are some very important Tarot cards that may show up when you need to reconcile a relationship with someone in your life. By identifying the reasons the problem arose in the first place, you'll be able to address the situation, find forgiveness, and move forward stronger than before.

    The next time you turn to the Tarot for advice about a relationship in your life, keep an eye out for one of these cards -- it may hold a powerful message for you about a relationship that needs to be addressed!

    These cards include:

    • Justice
    • The Hanged Man
    • Temperance
    • The Tower
    • Judgement
    • Two of Cups
    • Six of Cups
    • Page of Cups

    See here to learn the reasons behind the reconciliation power of each of these Tarot cards....

    My personal favorite, is when I pull the Two of Cups. I'm not much of a fighter or arguer, and definitely not one to burn bridges, but I get very busy and often forget to reach out and appreciate the people in my life. The Two of Cups Tarot card is the perfect, most positive reminder of this.

    Which reconciliation card is your favorite?!

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