cancer and taurus break up

  • hi i’m a gay taurus male and my cancer boyfriend broke up with me after 5/6 months together but we were really close. we both got way to attached and caught up in it we got distracted from reality, we moved too fast. he broke up with me after having no contact for a week as i wasn’t able to. he told me that he has lost feelings and he doesn’t know what’s missing from the relationship but there is something missing. that day he acted like he was still my boyfriend hugging/cuddling me, kissing me, holding my hand, leaning on me etc... so that obviously confused me he said he wanted one last day with his boyfriend :/. that night he told me he wanted to remain close/bestfriends so i stupidly agreed to that. for about a week and a half/2 weeks we continued with it (being friends) and every day i would pour out all of my emotions to him and he would get angry at me. he slowly started to become distant, took forever to answer texts, would never want to call or facetime etc... so one day i had enough, i snapped i said to him to go and ruin someone else’s life as he’d stopped caring for me and loving me. i regret saying that so much. he played victim and said he never wanted to speak to me again. the next night i sent him a voice note explaining everything and apologising and he accepted the apology and said we still need to go on a break but still with cold reply’s and that he needs time and space. for around 4 days after that everyday i’d text him, attached to him hoping for answers because he wouldn’t tell me any of his feelings but he was acting so cold hearted and ending conversations really quickly. he unfollowed me on all social media and i think he’s talking to this guy who he claims he’s just close/best friends with and it’s none of my business. it hurts my heart and i still love him so much and miss him so much. today i sent him a voice note after about a week of not taking saying sorry and apologising for everything, being clingy, jealous, dragging him down with me etc... he replied coldly once again he wished me all the best and said goodbye. i just really don’t want him to forget about me and never come back you know. i want him to actually start to miss me and then come back to me in less than a month before christmas and wanting to get back together. i just miss him so much and i don’t want him to leave my life. i don’t really know if being a cancer has anything to do with this but i need some advice. thank you x.
    btw his suns cancer moons cancer and risings gemini
    and mine are
    sun taurus moon capricorn rising virgo
    he also claims that he is confused and need space and time but i don’t know what he is confused about he’s not showing or saying any of his emotions and acting like he’s compeltely moved on after almost a month ; just under a month.?!
    help me please any advice is appreciated x
    thank you x!

  • Cancerians like to be the boss and run the show - and they do it through manipulation, as you have found out, Unless you want to be this guy's submissive love slave forever, you should find someone who will treat you better and more equally. Manipulation is not love and you should not settle for less than you deserve.

  • @thecaptain yeah I understand that/you do you know/think if he'll be back though because I really don't know x.?!

  • @samitaurus once Cancerians leave, they rarely return, unfortunately. That is their way.

  • @thecaptain well i just found out he got a new boyfriend 3 weeks after the break up so like wow 😔 🙂 😞 😕 ;(

  • @samitaurus you will find a much more compatible companion once you move on emotionally. Look for the lesson, bless the one who taught it, and use it to make a better love relationship in the future.