I want to know the truth about our relationship

  • Can you please help me make sense of it all? What happened? What's really going on behind the scenes that I am not aware of? Why all the sudden changes?

    Taurence - March 15, 1982 and Amanda - June 3, 1983 ..

    Please help me to understand, please make it make sense to me ..

  • Amanda, this relationship can be both profound and intense and could well prove too much for the two of you, since it brings out your dynamic/aggressive sides. You may even come to resent it, since it can take so much time and energy, yet outside of it, you may never feel so alive. Both of you believe that being unable to feel is probably the worst feeling of all, so that your relationship - painful possibly, boring never - may make you dissatisfied with other areas of your lives, which can seem almost lifeless in comparison. Since together you can attract a whirlwind of experiences, some joyful, others quite hard, it will seem from the outside that you two people are extremely lucky, cursed, or both.

    Your love affair can range from the ecstatic to the catastrophic. Feelings of joy and sadness, happiness and despair, exaltation and depression may follow each other with bewildering intensity. Not knowing where you are headed or even sometimes where you came from, the two of you can be buffeted by storms of emotion. Yet your empathy is such that each partner can read the other’s emotional language unerringly. For you Amanda, whose strongest mode of communication is verbal, Taurence’s language of love can be an unforgettable experience.

    Marriage is nonetheless discouraged here, since conflict is likely and intrusive emotional states may be debilitating. A love relationship will be prone to breakdown if one of you suffers an emotional flare-up. It is best to avoid public scenes and work problems out behind closed doors. Personal respect and consideration will be vital. Friendship can work here as long as lines of communication remain open and arguments and debates are limited. Taurence tends to hold forth on metaphysical subjects with almost religious intensity, while you are more likely to use reason and stick to the facts, maybe even belittling matters of faith; if the two of you can agree to disagree in a civilized way, and to fall back on activities and topics that can be enjoyed by you both, a friendship (but perhaps not a love affair) has a good chance of lasting.

    Taurence has a tendency to experiment with various different directions; he can place greater emphasis on getting ahead than on the goal itself. But now that he is in his mid-thirties, he should begin to seek a meaningful direction for his ambition. This is when he can really come into his own, although he should watch out for a streak of obstinacy at this point. But he needs to learn to place just as much importance on his personal life as on his professional life, for without the love of the people he cares about, his achievements will seem empty. He may have problems staying faithful, but once he finds someone who shares his love of variety and adventure, he can be a loyal, faithful and exciting lover.

    Amanda, you are often attracted to people with high ideals and aspirations. You need to be careful, however, that you don’t draw to you those who want to dampen your unique spirit in any way. You need deep intimacy and can be extremely warm and loving at times, but there may be conflicts between love and work. You must also try to avoid using sarcasm and negativity when things don’t go your way. You need to
    to cultivate a genuine respect for the rights of other people and become more sensitive to their feelings .

  • @thecaptain thank you. I apologize for my extremely late response, haven't been on here in months, choosing to bury myself into my work every since the 'Great Disappearing Act of 2018' occurred. Thanks again for the reading! It was extremely accurate, quite insightful & much appreciated.

  • Hi there ....just checking in to see how your doing now??? Would love to get an update. We care about you.

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