Ex moving home?

  • I have said earlier I have seperated from my ex husband been months now. He's asked me twice and today if he could move back home. We talked and I said I'll think about it. I don't want no relations with him I want to remain mutual friends. Part of me wants him to so he can spend more time with our kids, the other part says no because he'll get back in his bad habits again. Need some guidance please Captain kind of stuck here thank you.

  • @gemini40 If you don't want a relationship with him then why would you allow him to move back in? What type of security blanket does he provide that you need to face? He can spend more time with the kids if he chooses - you are not stopping him. He doesn't have to move back in to do so. Take a deeper look at your feelings and both of your motives....

  • Make sure you are not taking him back just because you are lonely or insecure about fending for yourself and the kids. Remember all the reasons why the marriage turned bad - you don't want a repeat of the mistakes of the past. Listen to your gut instincts and not your emotions.

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