Emojis by Sign! ;)

  • Sometimes words just aren't enough. But thanks to technology, you have a ton of other ways to express yourself, right at your fingertips -- with emojis! Emojis are a fun and personal way to add life to your conversations with others.

    Based on the elements, animals, emotions, and more that are directly connected to YOUR zodiac sign, you better believe there are emojis that are tailor-made for you! Scroll down to see the best emojis for your zodiac sign, and start using them today!

    Check out what Emojis represent YOUR zodiac sign here...

    0_1541789407159_1emoji-by-sign_1aries.jpg 0_1541789420815_2emoji-by-sign_2taurus.jpg 0_1541789424704_3emoji-by-sign_3gemini.jpg 0_1541789428773_4emoji-by-sign_4cancer.jpg 0_1541789432038_5emoji-by-sign_5leo.jpg 0_1541789436267_6emoji-by-sign_6virgo.jpg 0_1541789440250_7emoji-by-sign_7libra.jpg 0_1541789443833_8emoji-by-sign_8scorpio.jpg 0_1541789446955_9emoji-by-sign_9sagittarius.jpg 0_1541789450194_10emoji-by-sign_10capricorn.jpg 0_1541789453396_11emoji-by-sign_11aquarius.jpg 0_1541789456406_12emoji-by-sign_12pisces.jpg

  • I thought the Scorpio emojis were the best. As for the Taurus I thought that tree was broccoli at first. Still laughing!

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