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  • Hi all,

    Basically in a nut shell is that l have meet someone - to the releive of all my friends & loved ones!! lol.

    Can't complain really, he genuinely cares and does listen to everything l say. We work together, with him in a much higher position, any after lots of stuff happening at work, he can see my potential and wants to help! Great for me but not sure l what that just because we are together. I have no idea how long this relationship will last - can anyone tell me what they are sensing from this please? Should l take this opportunity or not??? lol.

    Also, l check having dreams and thoughts about a sort of ex! I mean we do not stay in touch but l feel like l should be there for him - no particular reason though!! lol.

    Any insight would be great!!

    Hope you are all good.... 🙂

    R xxx

  • Rosie121 I would just ask if this person at work is in anyway in a position to give you raises or move you up in the company? What is your company's policy about relationships. If he does your reviews this could get you both fired at some companies. And it could cause problems with your co-workers. Just be careful. You may be picking up on your x having some problems so if you wanted to just ask him how he is doing and open the door to old feelings coming back to the surface that would be your call. Sometimes x's are x's for a reason. As I have heard Montell say many times. Good luck and take care of yourself first.

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