Can I save my marriage?

  • Hi. My husband and I are currently separated because of his affair. He has ended his relationship with his mistress but I don’t know what the future holds for us and our marriage.
    My spread of cards are:
    The challenges - The Empress
    You - Judgement
    Your loved one - Four of Wands
    The Solutions - King of Coins
    The Future - Knight of Swords

  • The cards say to me that this situation is a very "demanding" one. To get to the best place on the other side of this will test you to rise to your highest self like never before. Sometimes when we miss little nudges for change the nudges grow into a real whack. CHANGE is going to be your challenge. The cards are encouraging you can rise to this lesson and you hold the power for your future. It really is your call to make the changes for the future you want. Your x is not clear at all about himself. He is a victim of himself. He moves impulsively and stays distracted and far from what ifs. He's avoided his own empty self imposed sense of self. He needed this train wreck so he can look long enough at the broken pieces of himself to find his identity. The solution depends a lot on his ability to understand his part in being self destructive with LOVE. You can not do this for him. The future is the reality of change, it will be work, at times tough, but it will be very rewarding! BLESSINGS!

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