Break up

  • My partner of over four years has asked for a break , and to be friends . I love him dearly cant see my self with anyone else . It doesnt feel over . Will we get back together?

  • What are your dates of birth?

  • @thecaptain 23/02/1976 is mine his is 21/11/1965

  • Your partner can have problems with intimacy - it makes him feel so weak and vulnerable at times to let down his guard so he needs to remove himself in order to get his breath back. his nature is to be secretive and intense which makes achieving intimacy difficult. He loves and needs freedom and to be able to live by his own rules - your relationship was becoming overwhelming to him. Because of that, a friendship for him can be a much easier option. But he needs to beware of making the biggest mistake of all: that of denying himself the happiness and fulfillment of close relationships with his fellow human beings. He must get more in touch with his own feelings and the feelings of other people before he will feel entirely comfortable with the intimacy of a close relationship. But I do feel he can get over this problem and want to be with you intimately again. Just give him the time and space to appreciate you.

  • @thecaptain thank you on top of this i was msde redundant today so this has eased my mind about one area of my life

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